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I must say that Wayne and all the TAMS drivers worked very hard to get their cars down below the 96 dB limit. Most of the TAMS cars that I had checked prior to Saturday were in the 100 - 103 range.


I know there is very little positive that can be said about putting mufflers on race cars, but there does seem to be one postive result. Some of the cars that put the mufflers on were actually faster than they were before they put them on.


* Matt Brune set a new TAMS @ THR track record with his muffler-equiped modified which obtained dB readings in the 95-96 range all day Saturday.

* Joey Heinaman's race-winning ride was in the 94-96 range.

* Bruce Beddoe's second-place car obtained readings in the 94-96 range.

* Greg Davidson's (most of the night on Heinaman's rear bumper) readings were in the 93-95 range.

* Several of the faster cars were in the 90-94 range.

* A couple of the cars were even below 90 dB!!!!!!


Yes, there was a lot of exhaust work taking place on these cars and the welding equipment in the garage area saw a lot of action to be sure. But the bottom line is that all of the TAMS cars were able to make the dB limit without sacrificing speed.


Many thanks to Wayne Norrell and the entire TAMS organization for their cooperation with THR as we do our upmost to be good neighbors.


Nick Holt

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