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I-37 Speedway 6-18-04


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I-37 Speedway, Pleasanton Tx,


It was an awesome night to be at the races, and an even better night to be an American!


I-37, along with a whole group of sponsors, hosted 19 wounded soldiers from Brook Army Medical Center in S.A.


The guests of honor were wounded during combat in either Iraq or Afganistian. Many of them have already received Purple Hearts. The others have them pending. Also many of the brave men are awaiting to receive the Bronze Star. Truly, these fantastic Americans are very big heros.


The guests of honor were: (in no particular order)


SPC Arron Coats

1st Sgt Darryl Eddings

PFC Joseph Pytcher

SPC Adon DeLaPena

SPC Andrew Freeman

SPC Adam Roig

SPC Micheal Stanely

Sgt Micheal Gardner

Sgt William Revels

SPC William Doyle

PFC Sammuel Chacan

Sgt Mario Tillery

PV2 Yuvgany Grigorov

Maj William Odaniel and his son Lance

SSgt Jeff Mertens

Corp Richard Parrilla

SSgt Allen Bryant with his wife Louise

PFC James Stainbrook with his wife Amy and brother-in-law

PFC Kenneth Trantham


It was an absolute privelige to honor these soldiers.


The racing was fantastic as well, with the 4 regular classes of cars competing along with both the Texas Mini Sprint Association, and the Texas Dwarf Car South Divisoin on hand to do some racing. Also, as an extra special treat, the large crowd also enjoyed the Pure Stock King of the Hill!


Here are the results. The races were brought to you by Gill's Auto Sales


Texas Mini Sprints

1. 80 Lawrence Mann of Alvin

2. 17 Ken Pearson of Corpus Christi


Sorry, they do their own scoring and that is all I remember.


Texas Dwarf Car Association

1. 25 David Tedford of San Antonio


Again, that is all I remember. Sorry


Super Stocks

1. 02 Robert Williams

2. 09 ?? (MK Wallace is listed on the card)

3. 48 ?? (again MK Wallace listed as the driver)

4. 66 Johnny Torres

5. 67 Joe Horn


Limited Late Models

1. 28 Tom Carlise

2. 25 Carl Pitts

3. 12 Carl "Stubby" Dyer

4. 14 Gary "Taz" Hunter

5. 26 MK Wallace

6. 13 Howie Marx

7. 11 David Boggs

8. 93 Jarrod Stepanski


Pure Stocks

1. 26 Darin Leonard (2 in a row)

2. 74 James Starry

3. 57x Jason "Moose" Kelly

4. 79 Mike Hagar

5. 70 Brian Cook

6. 71 ???

7. 77 Robin Luthhultz

8. 580 Ben Anderlich

9. 18 Allen Goree

10. 75 John Kelly Jr.


I.M.C.A. Modifieds

1. 94 Nicky Hardcastle

2. 01 Tanner Whitmire

3. 189 Steve Whiteaker Sr.

4. 89 Steve Whiteaker Jr.

5. 5 Neal Flanagan

6. 40 Stan Eastey (thanks Reb!)

7. 91 Tracy Fink

8. 174 Mickey Helms

9. 14 Brett McBride

10. 2 Marlin Samford

11. 95 Jeremy Davenport (1st race ever)

12. 8g Greg Dinsmore

13. 57 Dale Flanagan

14. 97 Joe Barnec

15. 1 Jimmy "Fireball" Phillips

DNS 55 Danny Brown (blew engine in heat)


Pure Stock King of the Hill

This came down to a great race between the 26 of Darin Leonard and the 74 of James Starry. In the end, after running both laps side by side, Darin Leonard spun out in turn 4. So the 2004 I-37 Pure Stock King of the Hill is:


74 James Starry



Again thanks to all the fine sponsors who helped with hosting the soldiers. See you all next week


Bill "Sarge" Masom

Hardest working race announcer in Texas! Have microphone, will travel.


Edited to include more information

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Nice job Sarge! I'll bet you had your blood pumping with all the service personel there.


BTW the 40 would be Stan Eastey. He ran Longhorn Speedway for several years, Thunder Hill a bit, then dropped off the radar screen for a while. Just got an IMCA Modified fairly recently I believe. Converted another one !! LOL


No report on the post-race festivities? :o LMAO

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Thanks for the additional info Reb!


I had the wife and kids with me, so only stuck around for a bit afterwards. Must have missed the "extra" activities. :o


And yes, having those soldiers there was special. Some of them remember how the soldiers of a different war were treated upon coming home. But we aren't going to let that happen again!


And yes, a fair amount of inter service ribbing went on, after all, I was Air Force. But it was all in fun, and each party took the jests in the spirit they were given.


Thank God for all the brave men and women who VOLUNTEERED to serve us so excellently!


Bill "Sarge" Masom (the Sarge comes from being a former SSgt in the USAF)

Hardest working race announcer in Texas! Have microphone, will travel!

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