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Confused on Licensing


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Ok, I’m confused (more of a character trait than a state of mind) :blink:


The HMP NASCAR licensing letter states that in addition to requiring a license to be eligible for points, “each race team is also requires to have at least one licensed crew member per race car”.


I know I need to purchase a NASCAR license for me as the drive, but do I also need to purchase a 2nd license for anyone that may crew for me?


Doesn’t my license cover the "one licensed crew member per race car" requirement? After all, I am not only the Driver, but also Owner, Repair Man, Fund Raiser, Cheif Bottle Washer, etc., etc.


And if the answer is “Yes, you will need to purchase one for your crew member.”, why would I need to supply the crew member's SS #? And is the Crew license a general license that any "crew member for the day" would utilize?


I think I've answered my own question, but .....

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