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Ist Convenience Bank 100/ROMCO @ TMS

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Here's my recap, for those who could wait. LOL Ya I know it's not as professional as the TMS release, but for FREE what do you expect? LMAO


Daffy, Friends I know had scanners on and they said the helicopter was just being swapped out and no one was being air-lifted out.


Jason, Jeff Garvin was shooting pix, but I don't where from or if he got anything of the wreck.


First Convenience Bank 100, ROMCO @ Texas Motor Speedway 6/12/04

By J M Hallas

Houston Young Gun Takes First Ever ROMCO Win

Roanoke, Texas., The ROMCO Super Late Model Series made its second trip of the year to 1.5 mile super-speedway in support of the Craftsman Trucks and Indy Racing League. In qualifying, Greg Davidson in the Westside Performance/Port City South/Five Star Bodies/Port City Chassis/Chevy Monte Carlo would set the fastest time with a 36.704. April’s winner, Robert Richardson was could only muster the 12th quickest time after rushing back from a NASCAR Elite Southeast Tour event and getting little track time.


Davidson chose to make adjustments on the car to keep it from bottoming out, pulling it out of tech impound. This would force him to give up his pole starting spot and move back to 18th. Several other drivers also made post qualifying adjustments sending them to the rear of the field, along with Kent Baltzell who posted no time after failing to install the transponder.


When all was said and done, T Wade Welch and Ralph Burris held the front row of the 24 car field which included Leilani Munter in a rented ride from the Doug Hooks stable. The North Carolina driver, stunt woman and participant in “Who wants to date NASCAR driver”, Munter started in the fourth spot.


As green waved Welch was first into turn one followed by a door to door battle between Burris and Michael Crofford for second. It didn’t take Davidson long to blow through the field as he moved by Munter into the top five, as the top three broke away from the pack. Davidson then got by current points leader, Thad Felton for fourth, while Richardson was making headway grabbing seventh by lap 3.


Burris was just starting to look inside Welch for the lead, when caution flew for the stalled car of Harry Keane on lap 4. On the restart, Crofford jumped outside Burris while Richardson took sixth from Munter. Davidson drafted in behind Crofford as both went by Burris for second and third. Burris moved back in on Davidson and after a side by side battle lap 9, retook the third spot on lap 10.


Yellow waved again on lap 11 when Kirby Caldwell rolled to stop on track with oil pressure problems. On the restart Davidson tried the high side to get by Burris, but Richardson took the low side to get by instead, while Andrew Tillison and Tommy Grimes were wheel to wheel for ninth and Tuffy Hudson and Bradley Reithmeyer dueled side by side for 11th.


By lap 17 the top four had put some distance on Davidson, who had a big gap back to Brandon Bendele and Felton. Baltzell was a little slower making his way towards the front than Davidson or Richardson, but moved into 10th, then along side Grimes for ninth. Riethmeyer, Baltzell and Hudson teamed up to draft and catch the Bendele, Felton battle and zipped right by. The five were exchanging positions until caution came out on lap 24, when Tony Jackson, Mike Johnson and Raymond Pattison got together and spun with Pattison testing out the new TMS SAFER barriers.


As green flew again with Welch holding the point, Richardson was trying Burris on the high side, while Riethmeyer snuck past Davidson for fifth. Davidson, Baltzell and Bendele then drafted back by Riethmeyer as the race came to halfway. At the mid point the top five were Welch, Crofford, Burris, Richardson and Davidson.


Lap 38 saw Richardson finally get by Burris on the back stretch for third. By lap 40 the top four were running nose to tail with a three car gap to Davidson, who had a good gap to Riethmeyer, Hudson and Munter who reeled in Baltzell for sixth. Richardson was looking inside Crofford for second, with Burris and Davidson side by side for fourth on lap 42.


On lap 45 the lead pack was catching up to a slower back battling for their own positions. Something told me things were about to get ugly.....and they did. As the leader caught the pack, Welch dove low around one of the slower lap car, while Richardson went on the high side.


As they tried to run through the dog-leg three wide(which won’t work), Welch got his tires on the wet infield grass and got loose. Welch then slid back across the track making contact with Kirby Honeycutt, before slamming the front stretch wall hard. The rest of the leaders scattered with Burris and Davidson hitting the slick infield grass and nearly getting into each other. The red flag flew to check the condition of Welch, who was able to climb out under his own power.


Crofford was the beneficiary as he would restart in the lead, but only after getting a push start when his car wouldn’t refire after the red. Approaching the TMS time limit, the race was shortened to a final 10 lap shoot-out. As the race resumed, Crofford, Richardson and Davidson got a good jump on Burris.


With five to go Burris had closed slightly, with some distance back Baltzell, Riethmeyer, Hudson and Munter. Riethmeyer and Hudson got past Baltzell who was running door to door with Munter. Davidson made a move on Richardson for second towing Burris along through for second and third with three to go.


Bendele and Mark Coleman caught Munter while Riethmeyer and Hudson battled side by side for fifth. Coming to the white flag, Marty Castens lost a wheel in turn four and headed to the pits while tire continued on along the edge of the track. The yellow and checkers were both waving as the field came back to line. Taking his first ever win was, the three time National Karting Champion, Crofford in his Cole & Cole Construction/Amtec Welding Supply/Lone Star Motorsports/KAM Race Engines/Five Star Bodies/Howe Chassis/Chevy Monte Carlo. As Crofford rolled into Victory Lane, the left rear tire went flat.


ROMCO/First Convenience Bank 100



1 51 Michael Crofford (3) Houston 56

2 96 Greg Davidson (18) Pearland 56

3 4 Ralph Burris (2) Pearland 56

4 33 Robert Richardson (12) McKinney 56

5 7 Tuffy Hudson (8) Portland 56

6 49 Bradley Riethmeyer (9) Hutto 56

7 27 Leilani Munter (4) Mooresville NC. 56

8 19 Kent Baltzell (24) Spring 56

9 08 Brandon Bendele (11) Adkins 56

10 30 Mark Coleman (16) Wichita Falls 56

11 85 Andrew Tillison (13) Wellston OK. 56

12 22 Tommy Grimes (10) San Antonio 56

13 70 Sonny Hunt (22) Houston 56

14 6 Bob Garwood (7) Kingwood 56

15 2 Marty Castens (15) Broken Arrow OK. 55

16 29 Thad Felton (5) The Woodlands 55

17 13 T Wade Welch (1) Houston 46

18 35 Greg Davis (21) Waxahachie 45

19 10 Kirby Honeycutt (20) Orange 45

20 66 Raymond Pattison (19) Broken Arrow OK. 23

21 65 Mike Johnson (17) Cypress 23

22 56 Tony Jackson (14 Lebanon MO. 23

23 67 Kirby Caldwell (6) Beaumont 10

24 98 Harry Keane (23) Garland 2


When asked if this was this was the biggest win of his young career, Crofford replied, “It’s my first ever,(in ROMCO) so yes it’s pretty big."


Did you do anything special to prepare for this race? Who is your crew that helps you?

“We did a lot of work on the car to get the body right and the motor right. A lot of preparation. During the week I’m the crew mainly, My dad helps out and I’ve got two friends, Gary Jones and Robbie Davidson who help out also”


Are you forward to moving up to ASA or NASCAR Elite Series?

“Yes we’re going to try to do something with that(NASCAR Elite Series). It’s a great series to get into and it’s very similar to where we’re at now”


Is your goal to get into a Busch, Cup or Craftsman Truck?

“I’ve been racing since I was 10 years old, and I’ll be racing until the day I die no matter where it takes me. I’ll go there but if not I’ll be doing something (involved in racing).”


How did you get your start, in Legends or something like that?

“No actually in Go-Karts. I started racing Go-Karts when I was ten years old and did that for about eight years. Then jumped right up into a super Late Model”


During my interview, runner-up Greg Davidson was there ribbing Crofford about being so modest. Only then did he tell me he was a past three time Go-Kart Champion. Great to see a good crop of young, modest, well-mannered talent waiting to make their big move in racing.

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TQ, Guess that's why you ALWAYS trust MY results!! LMAO :o:lol: Mine came directly from Linda. The race ended under caution, so there may have been some discrepency between how they crossed the line and the official finish. I guess some people feel the need to post what gets sent out before checking with me first. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Hers the link the TMS page with a ROMCO recap


No offense to Reb, this is for the people that can't wait for your story!?!?!?!?!



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the pass in the grass?????????i don't know,i probably should'nt say anything-but if you were there you know what i'm talking about...smokin' grass maybe...

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Crazyhorse: I was there...not a smart move on any track!


I haven't heard how the drivers are though. We saw one walk out of the care center and then a little while later saw the helicopter take off. I wasn't watching the care center all the time so I may have missed the other drivers walking out and granted, the helicopter could have had a fan who had a heart attack or something. We never heard how the drivers were. Any news from anyone? Hope all are well. The fans in the stands were lucky no one got hit with the hood that flew over the fence!

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Hey Rebel: They swapped helicopters twice. Once during the IRL race but there was also another time before the IRL race started and after the ROMCO race ended. We saw a stretcher loaded into the 'copter with a body on it. We were in the suites in turn four and had a really great view of the care center. Did they mention on the scanner that it was a swap job both times? I wasn't drinking so I know I wasn't seeing things :D But then again...maybe someone was drinking too much fell off their motorhome and got hurt, you just never know! There was too much going on to watch everything! I hope you are right and there were no passengers.

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Daf, I must have been busy or out taking a smoke break and missed the first flight out. Wish you had stopped by and said "Hi", I was in the ROMCO spotters suite and all alone for the IRL race. Pretty cool to have one all to yourself, cranked up the TV's for stereo surround sound, kicked back with my feet up on the window ledge and relaxed. LOL

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