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Crofford wins ROMCO at TMS

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FORT WORTH-DALLAS (June 12, 2004) - Michael Crofford was in the right place at the right time. The Houston youngster scored the first ROMCO Super Late Model Series feature win of his career Saturday at Texas Motor Speedway in the First Convenience Bank 100.


The driver of the Cole & Cole Construction Monte Carlo barely missed a frontstretch wreck that eliminated race-long leader T. Wade Welch on lap 47. Crofford then held off former Texas Motor Speedway ROMCO winner Greg Davidson to win by 0.37 seconds .To conclude Crofford's hectic final laps, the left rear tire of his stock car went flat as he pulled into victory lane.


"I didn't feel anything in my hands or feet the final laps," said the jubilant winner. "I always thought it was a cliché about winning here at Texas Motor Speedway. But it is a blessing to win at a place like this.


"The tire just went flat as I was coming down pit road. I don't think it was going down on the speedway as I couldn't feel anything different. But I could hear the air coming out of it as I stopped in victory lane. I would like to dedicate this race to my grandmother who couldn't be here as well as my godfather."


Davidson encountered an eventful day in the Eastside Performance Monte Carlo. He won the pole position during qualifying but elected to come to the pits to work on his car which was bottoming out. This relegated Davidson to 19th starting position. He moved into the top five within the first three laps.


Davidson also missed Welch's mishap in lapped traffic then pressured Crofford to the finish line. "It would take us five or six laps to really get up to speed after each restart," commented Davidson. "If we would have had three or four more laps, I think we might have had a shot at it."


Ralph Burris finished third in the AP Wireless Monte Carlo, ahead of April ROMCO winner Robert Richardson in the North Texas Pipe Pontiac and former Legends racer Bradley Riethmeyer in the Riethmeyer Auto Repair Monte Carlo.


Five-car lead drafts involving Welch, in the School of Automotive Machinists Grand Prix, Crofford, Burris, Richardson and Davidson dominated the event. Welch led the first 46 laps, Crofford the rest of the distance.

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