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Concrete Pit Pads at THR


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Rick Pollaro, who will be joining the NASCAR TSRS Late Models in 2011, plans to pour a concrete pad in January in his assigned pit spot. He has asked us to check with the other race teams to see if anyone else is interested in getting a concrete pad at the same time. In that way, he will be able to get a volume discount on the materials and labor.


For more information on this project, please see details below. Rick’s contact information is also included if you have any questions.




Wild Child Motorsports has come up w/ pricing for trailer pads to form pour and finish w/ slick or broom finish for $ 3.25 a square ft. using 4" forms & wire mesh ( work performed by professional commercial contractor ). We are pouring our trailer pad in January and will be pouring over 1000 sq.ft if we have orders together to pour during this time the price would be $ 3.00 a sq. ft. This is for a limited time and a total of 600 sq. ft. or more must be poured at one time. Example: If there are 3 seperate pads each 200 sq ft for three different people this would work if all were scheduled for the same time. If anyone is interested please contact me or my brother Leo and we can answer any questions you might have. If we are able to get a concrete supplier to further reduce material cost we will gladly pass on the savings to everyone.


Thank you,

Rick Pollaro


Rack -N- Motion SA

WILD CHILD Motorsports

Phone: 210-627-0698

Fax: 512-287-4035

email: rickpollaro64@yahoo.com


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