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We are blessed to have a solid core of advertisers here on Lone Star Speedzone. A good many of our advertisers are folks who already support racing here in Texas. I am very thankful for their support and we should all make it a point to buy their products and use their services whenever we can.


Right now LSS is looking to expand our live coverage of racing in Texas and we need several new advertisers to help us reach that goal. We already provide a number of Live Interactive Updates, but we are gathering steam to launch into live video broadcasting as soon as we have the funding needed. As you might imagine, the equipment and production costs are very expensive and well beyond my ability to fund this project out of my back pocket. But the exposure Texas racing would get and the exposure our advertisers would receive will skyrocket!


So... if you have a business that could use the exposure, I would love to talk with you about promoting your business right here on Lone Star Speedzone and our sister sites (the Thunderhill Raceway and the TSRS sites). We know that times are tough right now, but one way to gain an advantage in a tough market is to advertise to the folks who could use your products or services.


We have high traffic counts and our rates are reasonable for the traffic we generate. And you will be helping support our site which has supported racing in Texas for many years.


Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from your business soon. My contact info: email is nick.lssz@gmail.com. Cell is 210-415-1251.



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