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Career Derby Day Turns Into Chaos for Casey Smith

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Career Derby Day Turns Into Chaos for Casey Smith


Austin, TX 12/8/10- Unlike the last several years a chance at the 2010 Snowball Derby trophy was in the cards for Texas native Casey Smith. After qualifying in the twenty-eighth position Casey and crew made the right adjustments to the #99 Rapid Disposal Chevy Impala throughout the 300 lap event to be in the third position with just five laps remaining with a shot of winning his first career Snowball Derby.


The tough task of holding off Johanna Long with fresh tires was going to be the hard part more so than passing the two cars in the first and second place positions. Smith left the outside open for Long to pass with fresh tires, but she chose to give Smith’s #99 machine the bump and run sending him up to the track and toward the back half of the top ten.


“I knew when the caution came out and saw guys a few cars behind us with fresh tires there was a good chance we were going to be sitting ducks but I wasn’t going to give up the position either. I just figured she (Johanna Long) would pass us on the outside because of her new tires, but she decided to knock me out of the way which she didn’t have to in order to win the race. I know it’s the Snowball Derby but she’s raced Pensacola enough to know when you have fresh tires you can pass anywhere you want to. She can go ahead and plan for the roles being reversed anytime I race around her in the future,” noted Smith. “I didn’t think we could win but we could have finished top three for sure but instead because of her we have a destroyed racecar.”


The shuffle sent Casey racing with the remaining cars on track while Long went on to spin out the second place driver Landon Cassill the very next lap causing the cars behind the incident to wreck including Smith as well as several others. Smith slammed into former NASCAR driver David Stremme’s machine after getting hit from behind by another car also in the carnage. Stremme then proceeded to punch Casey while still in his #99 machine. Smith not understanding what was going on got out of the car to defend himself just as track officials made their way over to separate the two. Tempers continued to flare between both drivers and crews once both cars were brought to the infield as chaos erupted between the two groups.


“I didn’t have a clue what was going on when Stremme came over and started punching me out on the track. He said I never lifted and just drove into him on that wreck; well funny thing how I got hit so hard on the right rear that I broke a right rear shock off and my rear end was bent so far forward that my right rear tire was tucked underneath the right side door panel. I mean it’s pretty obvious that someone hit me from behind,” stated Smith. “It takes a real tough guy to punch someone in the car so when I got back to the infield I took it upon myself to even things up a bit and went after him. I got a good shot on him but he just hid behind his thirty crew guys he had protecting him.”


“It wasn’t like I was racing in the back where he was all day I was up in third before Johanna sent me back there. He was terrible this weekend just like he always is; he spends two or three times more money and sucks the same as always. That must be why he gets fired from every NASCAR ride he’s ever had and can’t even keep the start and park ride he did have,” added Smith after things had settled down a bit.


Casey Smith Racing will now look towards 2011 with exact plans to be reveled at a later date. Stay tuned to www.caseysmithracing.com for that information along with all the news, results, and more. For public relations and marketing related information contact Chris Ragle with Tex Motorsports Marketing at 940-393-3167.

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