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Live Interactive Updates from the Snowball Derby - Texas Edition


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I've started up the live interactive coverage of the last day of the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby a little bit earlier today. I'm adding some pictures from yesterday's events since I really didn't have time to post them during Saturday's live coverage.


Live Interactive Coverage of the Snowball Derby


I plan to stay in live status for the next couple of hours, and then I will put the software in standby mode until I get set up at the track later today (probably around noon).


Thanks for all of your comments and input during the last few days, and enjoy the pictures!

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Thanks, Nick. I'm enjoying reporting the events using the Cover It Live software.


Here's the schedule for today's Snowball Derby:


12P - Engine Warm Ups, Cars to Grid

1P - Driver Introductions

2P - Snowball Derby 300


I will be putting the live coverage on standby from about 11:00A-12:30P while we head to the track and get set up. I hope to capture more pictures today with having only one racing event.

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Here are some of my Snowball Derby Sunday pictures:


43rd Annual Snowball Derby Drivers



Rylan Lawler (middle of top row)



Chris Davidson (middle of picture)



Casey Smith (right)



Donnie Wilson (center)



I'll add more in the morning. Good night.

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Thanks, Nick.


Here are some more pictures:


Mary Ann Naumann was recognized as a track owner (4th from lef):



Casey Smith is interviewed by Speed51's Bob Dillner:



Donnie Wilson leaving the stage:



Ryan Lawler being interviewed by Bob Dillner



Casey Smith right before the Snowball Derby:



Chris Davidson getting ready for the Snowball Derby:


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