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A Statement from I-37 Speedway Promoter Joe Horne


Pleasanton, Texas


I wish to make a statement to respond to misinformation and rumors that have recently circulated about I-37 Speedway.


In spite of what has been seen recently by many TexasSpeedZone.com readers,

I want to tell all racers:


• Frank Torres remains employed as the General Manager of I-37 Speedway.


• Contrary to rumors, I-37 Speedway is not locked down.


• I still have a firm, long term lease which the property owners have assured me they will respect.


• I-37 Speedway will be open for regular races on June 11 and for subsequent Friday night races for the remainder of the 2004 season schedule.


Note: This statement was approved for publication by I-37 Speedway Promoter, Joe Horne. For further information contact the track office at 210/532-5421.

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Frank and Joe, I think others involved with running a good show and wanting more cars will agree, finding someone running not to rules,and teching someone that has family working for you at the track shows all there is no favoritism at the track, you loose one car that some think is not to rules and you gain 3 wanting to run fair. You will only gain respect for being fair, no matter who or what family work at the track. Hope all works out for all parties involved. And good luck to you.

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All I have to say is good job. If promoters and tech officials in the past would have stuck to their guns as you have, then there would be more respect for the rules of racing. Rules are rules are rules....... push them to their limits, but break them & go home.



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