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FWIW...Thieves becoming more brazen


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and not just in big cities.....


Recently a tenant in one of the apt. complexes I work at had his truck stolen from where he works....Nothing special just a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500, with a brush guard on front.....He works at a small discount store(Gibsons) here in Kerrpatch and noticed it missing when he went to leave ....The lot is only 4 rows, just about entirely seen from the front of store.....These knuckleheads then took the truck to a local apt. complex, pulled it around back in the parking lot, and started striping it.....No one even noticed and/or bothered to call the law.....Fortunately the police traced it via GPS and when they showed up the thieves scattered through a wooded area, down to the river and escaped....


Lucky for them it wasn't my car and I wasn't able to beat the law there....Or there'd be a whole crime scene....if you catch my drift!!!


What's really sad is that Kerrpatch has, for as long as I know, rejected any "progress" in the city citing that it would bring crime and drugs......Ummmmmm......They've had all that since I can remember......

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