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POP QUIZ: NA$CAR Short Track Series


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With the announcement of THR teaming up with HMP and joining the NA$CAR Short Track Series, we could once again have a Texan taking home the Sunbelt Region Championship.....


Can you name the last two Sunbelt Region Champions from Texas.....Careful it is a trick question.....One will be easy, the second not so easy.....


Tom, please don't give away the answer too early.....LMAO

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NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Sunbelt Region Champions Information


Year Champion


1987 Carl Trimmer, Tucson, Az

1988 James Cline, Anniston, AL

1989 Paul White, Temple, TX

1990 Bo Rawdon, Mansfield, TX

1991 David Rogers, Orlando, FL

1992 Ricky Icenhower, Fairgrove, MO

1993 Tony Ponder, Deland, FL

1994 Paul Peeples, McKinletville, CA

1995 Paul White, Temple, TX

1996 Carl Trimmer, Tucson, AZ

1997 Keith Green, Waco, TX

1998 Clay Dale, Jefferson, GA

1999 Brandon Bendele, Adkins, TX

2000 Dick Cobb, Las Vegas, NV

2001 Brandon Bendele, Adkins, TX

2002 Scott Winters, Tracy, CA

2003 Rip Michels, Mission Hills, CA

2004 Greg Pursley, Santa Clarita, CA

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