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In-Car Camera Systems ON SALE!


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http://www.SportActionCam.com is offering FREE SHIPPING till Thanksgiving on ALL in-car camera systems. This is great chance to tell your spouse, friend, or car owner what you want for Christmas.


Our camera systems can be mounted almost ANYWHERE! Lots of teams use our cameras for suspension shots. You can use our wireless remote to record from underneath your car. Find out what's going on when your racing!


Some features include: Wireless Remote, LCD Screen for instant play back, wide angle lens, 720p HD, and crisp audio and video in any conditions. We sell our systems COMPLETE! They are RACE READY and don't require anything else. We include camera, mount, SD Card, batteries, carrying case, cables, and everything else you need!


You would be shocked to know how many guys are running the SportActionCam systems! You can see demo video, learn more, and purchase online now at http://www.SportActionCam.com. We are offering free shipping till Thanksgiving! Check us out now! www.SportActionCam.com.


You can PM me here, call us at 866-559-4447 or email us at SportActionCam@Gmail.com. Don't miss out on this great deal!




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These are great little cameras - easy to use and take a great video.

Yep, I tried using my little video camara,even with the vibration switch on and it was not as clear as these.


Hey chase they even film stuff behind you.

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Our mount is where the money is. We see a lot of people with homemade mounts that just don't cut it. Our mount allows you to position the camera virtually anywhere, securely. We have put these cameras on bumpers of modifieds, wings of sprint cars, and other areas that make people scratch their heads.



The wide system is the "newest technology", however both systems use our mount.


This is a great Christmas gift for racers!!! http://www.SportActionCam.com

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Here are some still pictures taken from video we have got. These are with both our HD and our WIDE systems. You can see how well this camera does at night, in tight spots, and during race conditions. Please don't waste your money on camera systems NOT designed for racing. We are a local racing team, sponsor of LSZ, and have years of experience and education in video!


You can see full videos at http://www.SportActionCam.com


HD System on #5 Modified at HMP:



WIDE System on our Pro Truck at HMP:



HD System on Eco-Stock at HMP:



WIDE System HELMET MOUNTED (included), on shifter kart:



WIDE System in Cockpit look at pedals:



WIDE System under deck lid of our Pro Truck at HMP, Rear Suspension Shot:



WIDE system at HRP on a Mini-Sprint:


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