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some time back in early summer, i posted my own thoughts about changes that could be made at our tracks to make them nicer and more fun to be at for the fans. i tried to find my original post, but after a couple hours of digging i came up empty. i'm sure i overlooked it, but regardless i'm sure many of u know the one i'm referring to.

at season's end, i have something to say:




i saw that many of the suggestions i made have indeed been implemented by the tracks that i attend. thank you for paying attention to one of the "little guys" and making our night out that much better!


and, my biggest kudo has to go to texas thunder in killeen...several changes were made there, but the biggest that affects fans is the concession area. it's so much better than it was previously, the food is better, and the staff is wonderful! and a special thank you to the sweetheart of a lady that works the pit-side window (i'm so sorry i never got her name-i'll make a point of it next year), but she is the nicest person! always friendly, always in a good mood and always with a smile on her face! (mr. goode-that lady needs a raise, sir! :lol: )


next: to all the drivers, crews, families, friends, foes :lol: ...we wouldn't have any of this without y'all! drivers, crews: y'all work ur rears off all season for this sport we love. families, friends: thank you for the sacrifices u endure to allow ur loved one's to bring us the thrill and excitement of our saturday nights. foes: well, what fun would it be without a lil controversy? lol!


finally, huge thanks to all of you owners and/or promoters for all u do and put up with throughout the season to give us a place to go play on the weekends. i can't imagine life without our short tracks...dirt and asphalt alike! everyone have a great off-season and see ya's next time around!!

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