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Cardinal Motor Speedway recap and results, 6/5/04

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Monty Bolton Brings them to their feet !


Its back to racing at CMS after the being closed for the Texas Nationals, and the car count at the track showed. Racers were ready to get back to racing. 23 IMCA Modifieds were on hand for the night. #41 Monty Bolton paid a visit to Cardinal, and race fans always like to see him run.


#117 Derrick Frintz and 26s Pete Seidl were on the front row to the green, while #41 Monty Bolton was on the sixth row outside. Lap 3 saw #32 Bryce Corley getting tangled with #44 Trent Crawford and others going into turn one and again #32 spun in turn four on the same lap causing a red flag and couple of cars to have to leave the track.


On the restart it was #86 Brian Flowers ,#117 Derrick Frintz, #21 Jimmy Breeding, #8 Ken Couch. #41 Monty Bolton was charging to the front behind #8 Ken Couch. The race went by smooth and fast until lap 13 when #32 Bryce Corley was involved in yet another spin with other cars that brought out the red flag.


#8 Ken Couch was forced to leave the track with a broken fuel line allowing #41 Monty Bolton to be in third on the restart. With #21 Jimmy Breeding running the low line snuggly Bolton had to move to the high grove to try to get position, the last 4 laps, was some of the best racing to date this season, Bolton would pull strong in the front straight, side by side and get almost past Jimmy Breeding for second, but Jimmy would hold the bottom grove in turn 1 & 2, get the position back , and Bolton would get back the advantage in high grove off turn 3 & 4 , but coming to the wire it was #41 Bolton having the momentum out of turn four to the checker for second place , while Brian Flowers stayed out front for the win.


IMCA Modifieds


1. #86 Brian Flowers ( Hobbs, N.M.)

2. #41 Monty Bolton ( Lubbock, Tex.)

3. #21 Jimmy Breeding ( Odessa, Tex.)

4. #85 Neal Flowers ( Hobbs, N.M.)

5. #101 Butch Reid ( Carlsbad, N.M.)

6. #16 Bob Sikes ( Eunice, N.M.)



Thirteen IMCA Stock Cars were on hand. #7 Walter Freeman and #5 George Locke were on pole to start the race. #7 Walter Freeman took the lead and set the pace, #5 George Locke spun early but was avoided and got back in line without a red flag.


#7 Walter Freeman held the lead but had #34 Tim Pyle and #16 Bubba Sikes breathing down his neck, with hard racing behind them as well. On lap 16 #34 Tim Pyle took the lead and moved Walter Freeman to second and Bubba Sikes stayed in third. #99 Tim Pfalzgraph driving a Thunderbird was in fourth but spun in turn four late in the race to allow rookie #28 Waylon Lacy to get the spot. Pyle held the lead and took the checker.


IMCA Stock Car


1. #34 Tim Pyle ( Midland, Tex.)

2. # 7 Walter Freeman ( Hobbs, N.M.)

3 #16 Bubba Sikes ( Eunince, N.M.)

4. #28 Waylon Lacy ( Odessa, Tex.)

5. # 55 Trey Jarrel ( Hobbs, N.M.)


IMCA Hobby Stock


1. # 16 Triston Sikes ( Eunice, N.M.)

2. #71 James Newton (Eunice, N.M.)

3. #64 Doug Cox ( Odessa, Tex.)

4. #4 Josh Pickeral (Eunice, N.M.)

5. #21 Fabian Fabela

6.#17 Alan Heronema


Street Stock


1.#24 Scott Pyle ( Midland, Tex.)

2. #99 Junior Dosher ( Hobbs, N.M.)

3. # 29 Wesley Crouch ( Midland, Tex.)

4. #27 Kerry Hensley ( Midland,Tex.)

5. #37 Mack Seay ( Seminole, Tex.)

6. #21 Jeannie Smith ( Eunice, N.M.)




1. #46 John Anderson ( Big Springs, Tex)

2. #68 Jason Allen ( Hobbs, N.M.)

3. #75 Bob Eshelman ( Big Springs, Tex.)

4. #88x John Allen (Hobbs, N.M.)

5. #7 James White ( Odessa, Tex.)

6. #9 Joe Flenner (Odessa, Tex.)


Stock 4


1. #17 Zachary Mason

2. #49 Brandon Gage

3. #5 Cody Hodges

4. #171 Terry Dossey

5. # 22 Levi Davis

6. #29 Michael Whitmire

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