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greg biffle crew challenge


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What a blast it was to have all the crew members racing in our karts and Crew Chiefing for them! All the crew members were a class act!!! Nelson Stewart, Tony Stewart's Dad, was way kewl and could wheel the kart!! Great photos of Nelson, Andy!! Put more up!!


Mike Steinman


2010 NASKART Series Champion

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here is the list of Crew members and the teams they are from that attended the 2010 Greg Biffle crew Challenge.


16 Mardy Lindley Mechanic Greenville, South Carolina

16 Ben Beshore Race Engineer York, Pennsylvania

16 Ryan Dextraze Catchcan/Mechanic Wichita Falls, Texas


17 Brent Wentz Mechanic Lehighton, Pennsylvania


6 Ryan Flores Fabricator Manasquan, New Jersey

6 Ben Holm Mechanic West Chester, Pennsylvania

6 Wesley Lape Tire Specialist Reading, Pennsylvania

6 Greg Emmer Mechanic Allenton, Wisconsin



9 Bob Decker Hauler Driver Middleton, New York


43 Kevin White Tire Specialist Pittsville, Maine

43 Todd Carmichael Mechanic Redding, California

43 Carter Fishlein Mechanic Davenport, Iowa

43 David Cropps Interior Mechanic Mt. Airy, North Carolina


2 Darin Russell Engine Tuner Sunderland, Massachusetts

2 Dave Winston Race Engineer Miami, Florida

2 Eric Bailey Mechanic Loathe, Kansas

2 Bill Spencer Mechanic Brenham, Texas

2 Dave Nichols Tire Specialist Macedon, New York


77 Nick Defazio Spotter/Mechanic Orange County, California

77 Daniel Lynch Mechanic Cutchogue, New York

77 Corey Tucker Car Chief Walkill, New York

77 Travis Geisler Crew Chief Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


18 Jake Seminara Rear Tire Changer Steubenville, Ohio

18 Nick Odell Front Tire Changer Springfield, Illinois

18 Brad Donaghy Front Tire Carrier Orange County, Virginia


11 Mike Hicks Front Tire Changer China Grove, North Carolina

11 Tom Burnett Mechanic Burnett, Wisconsin


14 Nelson Stewart Tony Stewarts Dad Indiannapolis, IN


19 Eric Wallace Rear Tire Carrier Austin, Texas




Mike Hicks from Denny Hamlin's #11 crew was the winner of the feature race! And who knew that Denny would win the next day?!?! He won the Feature in Megan Smith's #07!!

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