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2011 Schedule of Events at Texana Raceway Park!


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Here is the schedule for Texana Raceway Park for 2011.



12th - Playday (test and tune)

26th - Playday (test and tune)



2nd - Opening Night - Double Points

16th - points racing

30th - points racing



14th - ASCS Sprint Cars

21st - points racing



4th - 50 cent Hot Dogs / sodas, points racing

18th - points racing



2nd - july 4th weekend event, points racing

16th - Annual bicycle give-a-way

30th - points racing



13th - points racing

27th - points racing



2nd - ASCS Sprint cars Friday Night (tentative)

3rd - Final points racing night - double points


See yall next season!

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Since SOS is running every weekend! Not much they can do.

you must be looking at different schedule than me

The people running the track told me that they were going to run every weekend and rotate the classes. They said this after they posted the 2011 schedule. So it was my understanding that the 2011 schedule will change.

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Well I plan on traveling a little next year. But if it comes down to it and I pick a local to run for points it may end up being Texana Raceway Park. This desicion is mine because well I litterally grew up at this track and my dad can actually make the races to watch me. Well idk about all the other scheduals but I plan on making this one all year for a possible points Championship.

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Ken....are the dwarfs racing all those dates or ? (LOL trying to get a summer vacation this next year so looking wayyy ahead and trying to schedule around club races)


I planned on them racing these dates we have set, but you might check with Mike Christians.

I gave him this schedule too, and he was sending it to the Battleground track so that they can run opposite of us. Then they would be able to come down and race here.

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Well since you are making it hard on the racers by making them choose a track, we already had our calanders marked with SOS because their schedule was out months ago.......and was waiting to fill in with texan but looks like we will be at SOS......

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