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Starnes, Whiteaker, Holley, Hinojosa, Kunkel and Perks take SOS wins

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Fall Classic Spectacular @ Shady Oaks Speedway, 11/5-6/10

BY J M Hallas


Goliad, Tx.,(Nov. 6Th, 2010) Saturday night completed Shady Oaks Speedway's Fall Classic Spectacular on the 1/3 mile semi-banked dirt oval. Despite a lack of track experience out-of-towners showcased the nights main events taking home wins in four of the five featured classes. Street Stock driver Alan Kunkel was only home towner to get a win, his first of the year.


“B” qualifiers completed the fields in the Limited Modifieds, Super Stocks and Street Stocks, with the Mini Stocks running a heat and feature.


Shady Oaks Speedway concludes it 2010 season on November 20th with the Turkey Classic.



Starnes Streaks to Modified Main Money

After losing a motor in his Late Model, Houston area veteran Robbie Starnes thought he was just going to be a spectator. Corpus Christi's Steve Whiteaker jr. stepped up offering his Modified ride for the remainder of the weekend. Starnes made the most of the opportunity in the Modified main event. Starnes beat local hot shoe Nick Hardcastle into turn 1 for the lead with Terry Woodall and Mike McCarthy in tow.


Corey Babbitt got fourth from McCarthy on lap 1 and pulled along side Woodall for third grabbing that position on lap 3. Hardcastle tried to pressure Starnes but got sideways giving up ground on lap 4. Starnes had a straightaway edge over Hardcastle by lap 5, while McCarthy got by Woodall for fourth. Marlin Samford went around and collected Corey Babbitt on lap 7 to bring out a yellow and rebunch the field.


Starnes eased away on the restart with Woodall retaking third from McCarthy. McCarthy falling back into the clutches of Ben Ketteman who took over fourth on lap 8. Woodall had trouble in turn 3, with Ketteman having to take evasive action for a lap 9 yellow. Starnes got out by three car lengths on the restart and would be able to hold his advantage for the win in Whiteaker's Jana Schurry/Remax Realty, WW Bodies, Showtime Signs, T Roberts Optical, Mullins Race Engines, Hughes Chassis.


“I probably haven't been down here in 5-10 years,” replied Starnes. “That's about the last time I ran a modified too. We came to run a Late Model but blew a motor in hot laps. Steve(Whiteaker) let me drive his car and I appreciate him letting me do this. It was a tough race. I was a little nervous on the starts and restart since I'm not familiar with this car. It drives a little loose for me, but I was able to pull it off. It's a great car.”



89 Robbie Starnes

94 Nick Hardcastle

37 Ben Ketteman

20 Mike McCarthy

3w Terry Woodall

44 Joe O'Bryan

12 Corey Babbitt

c31 Marlin Samford

38 Dennis Taylor---DNS

21 Jason Borlace---DNS

00 Dustin Brandl---DNS

717 GW Egbert---DNS



Whiteaker Whips 'Em for Limited Modified Win

Despite starting deep in the field Corpus Christi hot shoe Steve Whiteaker jr. easily worked his way through the field, took the lead at halfway and pulled away for the Limited Modified victory. On the start Vince Louden beat Dustin Butcher off turn 2 for the lead followed by GW Hessong and Mike Walling. Hessong's top run ended when he blew a motor on lap 2 laying down fluid on the track. Brian Brooks submarined Walling and hooked bumpers knocking the radiator out of Brooks.


On the restart Whiteaker grabbed fifth from JJ Jennings, then picked off fourth from David Meredith. Up front Butcher was putting the heat on Louden taking a look low in turn 4. Whiteaker was along side Walling on lap 5 as they battled for third. Ken Bulsterbaum had contact sending him off the back stretch for a caution on lap 6. Once back to green Walling took second from Butcher and looked inside Louden.


Butcher lost ground on lap 8 after getting sideways. Walling again looked inside Louden but had Whiteaker trying to dive in lower. Whiteaker got by both on lap 9, but slid high. Walling ducked under Whiteaker out of turn 4 to sniff the lead, but Whiteaker powered back by to lead lap 10. Louden got sideways in turn 3 giving up spots to George Egbert and Jennings, before puling off.


Michael Harp went over the hill in turn 3 to bring out a yellow on lap 13. Whiteaker got a huge jump as green waved again while Butcher got past Jennings and Meredith for fourth. As Whiteaker began to pull away with five to go, Butcher and Egbert were side by side for third with Butcher getting the spot. Whiteaker was able to increase his margin the final circuits for the win the in the

Jana Schurry/Remax Realty, WW Bodies, Showtime Signs, QA1 Shocks by Swenson, Express Race Car.


“Racing and plans usually don't end up in the same sentence,” commented Whiteaker after his charge from the back. “So there was really no plan. If anything it was just to keep the car in one piece. The car was really hooked up. The track has some black spots which is kind of unusual here. That made for better racing.”


Limited Modifieds

89 Steve Whiteaker jr

29 Mike Walling

90 Dustin Butcher

70 George Egbert

26g JJ Jennings

14 David Meredith

18 Larry Jernigan

3 Abraham Mares

21 Victor Lindsey

771 Wesley Malcher

34 Michael Harp

100 Tryce Hermes

6 Vince Louden

5k Ken Bulsterbaum

25 Brian Brooks

14m GW Hessong




Limited Modified "B" Qualifier

89 Steve Whiteaker jr

34 Michael Harp

771 Wesley Malcher

21 Victor Lindsey

100x Tryce Hermes

70 George Egbert



Holley Hustles to Late Model Main

Cleveland's(Tx.) Chris Holley made his first trip to Shady Oaks a profitable one as he outdistanced the Late Model field. Holley jumped out to big lead as green waved trailed by Ricky Begnaud, Mitch Wagner, Andy Van Blarcum and Kevin Migura charging up to fifth. Michael Wagner rolled to a stop in turn 1 with a flat to bring out a lap 1 caution.


On the restart Migura got by Mit. Wagner for third while Van Blarcum half spun and fell to the tail. By lap 8 Holley had built a full straightaway lead over Begnaud who had a gap back to Migura and Mit. Wagner. Migura chipped away and caught Begnaud for second on lap 10. Mike Orlando had trouble in turn 2 to bring out a yellow on lap 11, erasing Holley's huge lead.


When green waved again, Holley motored ahead while Migura got by Begnaud for second. Migura then slid too high giving the spot back to Begnaud. Mit. Wagner lost a top five spot on lap 13 when he went off the back stretch on lap 13. With two to go Holley had rebuilt his big lead to nearly a half track and was able to cruise uncontested to the checkers in the First Class Septic, Performance Race Engineering, Stuckeys Race Cars, Wall 2 Wall Race Engines, MasterBilt chassis.


“My crew(Robbie and Charles) worked their butts off on this car.” explained Holley. “I want to thank Mark, Sandra and Tyler Erb for giving me a good car. They're the best. We do a lot of touring racing in the SUPR series in the southwest so we get a feel for different tracks. That makes coming to a track for the first time a little easier. We run the Spec. motor to get a weight break, plus the big spoiler.”


Late Model

28 Chris Holley

32 Ricky Begnaud

15m Kevin Migura

94 Keith Pearcy

15 Andy Van Blarcum

9 Mitch Wagner

93 Jesse Harris

0 Mike Orlando

18 Michael Wagner

77 Robbie Starnes---DNS



Hinojosa Holds on for Super Stock Sweep

Corpus Christi area driver Leo Hinojosa beat David Kulhanek out of turn 2 for the lead of the Super Stock feature. Jerry Neal fell in line second, Kulhanek third and Bo Beckner fourth. John Beckner spun in turn 3 for an early caution on the first lap. On the restart Kulhanek got by Neal for second while Daniel Waer tried to follow along. Lucky Gilbert went around on lap 2 with Teresa Waller spinning in the back up.


Once back to green B. Beckner got around Kulhanek for second and was looking inside Hinojosa as Abraham Mares worked is way up to fourth. Hinojosa and B. Beckner were side door to door on lap 3, with Mike Davenport getting third from Mares and Kulhanek. Hinojosa held the point as the fight for the lead calmed for several laps. B. Beckner again put the heat on Hinojosa getting along side on lap 9 and by to lead lap 10.


B. Beckner's run ended on lap 13 when his car shut off and spun in turn 2 giving the lead back to Hinojosa on lap 14. B. Beckner was able to refire but lose a motor on the restart that saw Mares and Kulhanek resume their battle for third before Kulhanek pitted. Terry Tschoerner laid some fluid down on the track ending his night and bringing out a lap 18 caution. Hinojosa was able to ease away the final two laps for the win in the Quality Car Care & Powerwash, Clear Vision Windshield Repair, Exide Batteries, Valvoline Express Care car.


“It was pretty tough out there,” said Hinojosa. “It was good racing and a lot of fun. I was just being patient. I saw him (Bo Beckner) going high and thought maybe he'd go off, and sure enough he did. We really didn't have to change anything n the car.”


Super Stock

7 Leo Hinojosa

70 Mike Davenport

3 Abraham Mares

00 Daniel Waer

5b John Beckner

3w Teresa Waller

48 Duane Toyne

27 Tommy Gural

17 David Kulhanek

01 Terry Tschoerner

75 Bo Beckner

36 Lucky Gilbert

50 Jerry Neal

67 Sonny Hammond

77 Landon Farquar---DNTG

24x Kyle Dayton---DNS

68 Joby Pasley---DNS

28 Leland Waddell---DNS



Super Stock "B" Qualifier

75 Bo Beckner

70 Mike Davenport

3 Abraham Mares

00 Daniel Waer

67 Sonny Hammond

3w Teresa Waller

68 Joby Pasley---DNS



Kunkel Captures First Ever Street Stock Checkers

Local driver Alan Kunkel scored one for the home team as he held off challenges from John Lieta throughout the feature. 18-cars took the green with Lieta grabbing the early lead and Chris Shafer and Stephan Danielson going three wide with Kunkel for second. Danielson suffered a flat in the scramble and stopped in turn 3 for a caution. Lieta led the pack on the restart but slipped high on lap 3 giving up the top spot to Kunkel.


Lauren Chamberlain got loose off turn 2 and was finished off by Brad Garrett to bring out a yellow on lap 4. On the restart Lieta got by Shafer for second while in the pack Matt Farris spun after contact with Wade Jones, who was sent to the tail. As quick as green waved, yellow back out again for debris on the back stretch. As Lieta pushed Kunkel into turn 1, Shafer snuck back by for second.


David Bruns got tangled with Brian King in turn 1 for a caution on lap 5. Once back to green Lieta tried high on Kunkel for the lead, while Bubba Seals worked his way into the top five. Farris and Justin Henley were able to get past Seals on lap 6 for fourth and fifth, but Seals retook a spot from Henley who got loose. Jones spun on lap 14 after contact by Hayes bringing out a caution.


Kunkel got away clean on the restart while Seals and Shafer swapped third. Henley and Danielson had their own battle going on for fifth behind the lead group. Henley was able get the spot on lap 16. Lieta tried one last charge in the final laps but a flat right front saw him fall back in the order. Kunkel was able to hold off Shafer to take his first ever win.


“This is awesome,” exclaimed Kunkel. “This is my first full year in the Street Stocks and to finish the season with a win is great. I could feel someone back there on the restarts, but I just to tried to stay calm and be patient.”


Street Stocks

68 Alan Kunkel

77 Chis Shafer

96 Justin Henley

149 Stephan Danielson

31 Brian King

41 Wade Jones

19 Bubba Seals

23 David Bruns

9* Brad Garrett

33 Aaron Lunsford

55 Lauren Chamberlain

89F Matt Farris

22 Michale Pesek

24 John Lieta

63 Chase Sanchez

57 Jason Kelly

1 Nick Moore

3m Mike Moseley

35 Tony Blankenship---DNS



Street Stock "B" Qualifier

23 David Bruns

22 Michale Pesek

33L Aaron Lunsford

1 Nick Moore

96 Justin Henley

9* Brad Hayes

3m Mike Moseley

19 Bubba Seals



The Mini Stock feature saw Ashley Perks get out front early and go flag to flag for the win. Perks was chased early by Ethan Hoover and Justin Sickle. A lap 4 caution for Sarah Konvicka saw Hoover and Sickle make contact giving Perks a big advantage. Perks held that margin throughout the remaining laps to put the Plum Crazy Racing Ford in the Winners Circle.


“I have to thank my Dad” replied the shy Perks. He helps out a lot on my car while I'm busy with school. I don't think about beating the boys, I just like racing.”


Mini Stocks

12 Ashley Perks

03 Justin Sickle

27 Ethan Hoover

175 Austin Gearhart

8 Sarah Konvicka



Mini Stock heat winner; 12 Ashley Perks

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