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With the NASKART Season coming to its last 2 weekends of racing, and this weekend having 2 Main features, the battle for 2nd place in the championship is very close. With 2nd to 5th only seperated by 5 points total!


Holding onto 2nd right now is Andy Taylor in his #14 Pearland Car Care with 213 points. In only his 2nd season of racing in the NASKART Series and only his 2nd year of EVER Racing, anything, Andy has shown that he has the desire to be a future NASKART Champion. Even winning his First NASKART Race earlier in the year at Thunderhill Raceway with several 2nd's during the season.


3rd in points is last year's ROOKIE-of-the YEAR, Team ROCKHARD Racing's #88 Kaleb Kreis. Kaleb is only 1 point behind Taylor and looking to displace Taylor and finish 2nd in points for the season. Kaleb had a rough start to the season with motor issues and some other mechanical problems, but has come on strong as of late making a big charge to the front for the championship late in the season. With several 2nd's and 3rd place finishes and recently winning the last race at HMP.


4th in points and having a very consistent year in the results is Team ROCKHARD Racing's #29 Marty Kreis. Marty is tied for 3rd with his son Kaleb at 212 points. Also putting him right on Taylor's heals. But Kaleb holds the tie-breaker with his win at HMP where Marty has many 2nd place finishes but still looking for his first NASKART Feature win ever. Marty has won a couple of the heat races, but has so far just missed out on his first win.


5th in points is another Team ROCKHARD Racing driver, #24 Chris Terry. Chris has 4 wins this year and even put a string of 3 wins in a row together at 3 different tracks. With 208 points he is just 5 points behind Taylor for 2nd and looking to leap frog his teammates and take 2nd for the season. Chris was 2nd in points and even got to within 2 points of the points lead but a couple of late season mechanical problems and a misfortunate calculation on weight at HMP, causing him to be DQ'ed, has dropped Chris back to 5th in points. Chris at one point was the last person to have a shot at the Championship.


With the season having 3 races left to go,Mike Steinman in his #16 3M/Austin Architecural Graphics kart has secured his 2nd NASKART Series Championship in 2010. With 5 wins and numerous bonus points during the season for heat wins and top qualifyer, Steinman has had a very consistent year and many battles on the track. So with the Championship wrapped up he is looking to go out with more wins if possible and out to just have fun the last 3 races with no worries about the points.


With the cooler temperatures, great weather and racing with the monster trucks this weekend....the stands are sure to full for this race weekend!

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