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***Pit Parking UPDATED***

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First I want to say to Tony, David, Randy and the many others that have called about this topic Thanks for the respect and courtesy you all showed. There was no rudeness or demands just plain and simple conversation and from that conversation an adjustment was made that I feel is more than fair to all parties.


Starting this weekend, October 30th, for all Normal Racing Events any racer may hold one Pit Spot for their buddy until 5:30 pm. If that person is not their by 5:30 pm then that spot being held becomes open to any and everyone. I will be up and down the pit's and if it is past 5:30 pm and your pit marker (such as a tire, etc) is still out I will be asking you remove it.


No crew member or single individual may hold a spot until there car arrives. EXAMPLE: If David is holding a spot for Tony then David and his car must be there in order to hold Tony's spot.


NO NUMBER SIGN'S ON THE PIT FENCE! There will still be no "marking" of spots by putting numbers on the fence by anyone other than the Points Champions. There is no assigned Pit Spot to anyone at this facility other than the ones chosen by the Points Champions. If there is a particular spot you want to park in then you are going to have to arrive early enough to park there.


On Special Events such as The fall Classic all spots are open on a first come basis.


Once again I want to say Thanks to those that called and as always if anyone has any questions contact me at the information below.

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