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From I-37 Speedway Manager Frank Torres


Pleasanton, Texas


After the unfortunate situation regarding the I-37 Speedway Super Stock class purse adjustment on May 29, the following is provided for the information of all concerned with the May 28-29 postings on TexasSpeedZone.com.


I stated in driver’s meetings, weeks prior to the May 29th race that I-37 Speedway would pay $ 1,500 to the winner of the Super Stock race on May 29. The same statement was approved for pre-race publication in the I-37 News Release and in a flyer printed and posted by I-37 Speedway.


In those same previous drivers meetings, I also made the following disclaiming statement, “The $1,500 to win the May 29th Super Stock race would be contingent on twenty four (24) or more Super Stocks being present to compete on May 29, 2004”. (That contingency statement was not made in the News Release because it was considered racer news and not necessary public information).


On May 29, fifteen (15) Super Stocks registered for competition at I-37 Speedway.


I called a Super Stock drivers meeting, prior to competition on May 29. I told the drivers that the 24 car contingency requirement had not been met and that I-37 Speedway regretfully would be forced to reduce the Super Stock purse, as previously announced in meetings and printed in the I-37 Speedway flyers. The drivers indicated they understood and supported the purse reduction situation.


Note: This statement was approved for publication by I-37 Speedway General Manager, Frank Torres.

For further information contact Frank Torres by calling the track office at 210/532-5421 or Frank Torres cell phone 210/367-6261.

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