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TPS Awards Dinner - Oct 30


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Texas Pro Sedans Awards Dinner


Celebrate TPS's 35th consecutive season on October 30, 2010 ... 3:00pm - 6:00pm


The Texas Pro Sedans Awards Dinner will be held this year at the Little Red Barn, 1836 South Hackberry in San Antonio, TX 78210. Located near the intersection of I-37 & I-10 (check Google Maps for driving directions). TPS will be the exclusive occupant of the Little Red Barn's South Room After you enter the front doors, make a left turn ... what else ?


No admission fee, the public is invited. Order from the menu, reasonable prices, pay as you go. Have a nice Texas style dinner, served by Cowgirls at The Little Red Barn who says "Over 1,000 steaks a day".


Co-Masters of Ceremonies - David Mackey and Neil Upchurch


Main Speakers ...


The annual TPS "Ode" presented by TPS Driver Bruce Mabrito who will review what its like to have his car owner, Mike Knotts, 5,384 miles from TPS racing in Germany.


The Keynote Speaker will be Tory Christopher, the 2009 TPS "Rookie of-the Year". He will compare TPS and California racing.


The 2010 TPS Championship Plaque will be presented to defending Champion Mike Merrell by 2008 TPS Champion Sergio Hexsel.


The 2010 "Rookie of-the Year" Award Plaque will be presented to Al Bushong by the 2009 TPS title holder Tory Christopher.


Hoosier racing jackets will be presented to TPS drivers Mike Merrell, Bill LaBarge and Al Bushong by TPS Hoosier Dealer at THR, Jerry Spencer.


100% Participation checks presented to: #16 Al Bushong, #20 Sergio Hexsel, #22 "Ozzie" Osburn, #27 Bill LaBarge, #70 Mike Merrell, # 73 Cody Limerick.


Several unique Appreciation Awards will be presented to some TPS Members, TPS Officials and TPS Sponsors.


A brief business meeting will follow the TPS Awards Dinner ie:


> Thunderhill Raceway has notified TPS of a mandatory HANS Devise use requirement to race at THR next season. The HANS cost impact on TPS members will be discussed and considered. An acceptance or rejection vote may be taken if TPS is unable to negotiate a HANS waiver from THR.


> 2011 TPS Rules will be hand distributed to 2011 TPS Members if TPS is able to negotiate a HANS waiver from THR. If a waiver isn't received, 2011 TPS Rules will be e-mailed at a later date consistent with the acceptance or rejection vote.


> 2011 TPS Membership $75 dues may be paid by members who have not yet renewed.



TPS Awards Dinner preparations by:


Neil Upchurch

Texas Pro Sedans

Administrative Director

210/655-3222 office


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