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I take many many lap times at THR during practice sessions. What I have found is that the bottom groove is about that same as it has been in the past.


What is really interesting is that IF someone happens to hit the second groove just exactly right, it is faster than the bottom groove. If they miss the exact spot then it is about .2 seconds slower than the bottom groove. So far, no one has been able to consistently hit that higher groove so they move back down to the bottom.


My prediction? If and when enough drivers try to find that upper groove, enough rubber will be layed down in that groove to make it consistently faster than the lower groove. Has that happened yet? Nope. Most drivers who try to find that upper groove only hit it about once every 10 laps or so.


It used to be that you had to be .3 - .4 seconds a lap faster than the guy in front of you to make a clean pass on the outside at THR. Now that time differential is down to .2 seconds to make a clean pass on the outside.


We have had some two- and even three-wide racing this season. Two of our evenly matched Hobby Stocks (both have won this season) raced side by side for 9 laps a couple of weeks ago and more and more Street Stocks are using the higher line to make clean passes.


Nick Holt

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