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TX IMCA Nationals stock classes

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Melton Shows Muscle in Qualifier

Benji Kirkpatrick got the jump on the field as the 20 lap IMCA Stock car A-qualifier took the green. Brandon Dulock drifted up and clipped the Kenneth Chamberlain, causing a back up but all continued. Cation flew on lap 2 when Earl Johnson spun and collected Jon Neilson, Jason Batt, Trace Crawford, Daniel Kent, Tim Pyle, and Josh Hawkins in the melee.


Under yellow Kirkpatrick stalled and was unable to restart, handing the lead to Chad Melton.

As green waved again, Dulock and Jeff Turner were door to door for third. By lap 5 the top six started to string out as Jason Honey broke out of the mid pack getting by Neilson for seventh. On lap 7 the battle for the transfer was on as JD Berryhill and Phil Egbert ran side by side for the spot.


At the crossed flags it was Melton, Dustin McGaha, Turner, Dulock and Mike Miles in the top five. With Melton out to a good lead second through seventh were nose to tail, while Doug Lorenz grabbed eighth from Neilson. Just as Turner was about to be forced to pit under green with a flat, Hawkins spun to bring out a yellow. This gave Turner a break, being able to pit under yellow and no down laps.


As the race resumed, Melton again inched ahead. Lorenz caught Honey for sixth on lap 15, but was unable to get by. With three to go it was three wide for the transfer between Charles Brewer, Egbert and Cory Teakell. Turner caught that battle in the final laps to grab the final spot. At the checkers it was Melton taking the victory in his TMM Fabrication/Springtown Imports/Trackside Graphics/ATV Auction.com/Farris Race Engines/Wise County Detailing/Briar Short Stop/Kamikaze(Homemade) Chassis.


IMCA Stock A-qualifier

1 171 Chad Melton

2 251 Brandon Dulock

3 01 Dustin McGaha

4 62 Mike Miles

5 15 Kenneth Chamberlain

6 04 Jason Honey

7 97 Doug Lorenz

8 51 Jon Neilson

9 25 Toby Miller

10 252 Cory Teakell

11 1 Daniel Kent

12 044 Jeff Turner

13 72 Charles Brewer

14 170 Phil Egbert

15 07 Earl Johnson

16 34 JD Berryhill

17 11 Dan Johnson

18 80 Josh Hawkins

19 47 Benji Kirkpatrick

20 441 Tim Hopper

21 94 Richard Riley

22 63 Trace Crawford

23 99 Jason Batt

24 134 Tim Pyle


Sustaire Takes Win, Loses Motor

The 25 lap IMCA Stock car, A-main was supposed to be paced by Kevin Sustaire and Chad Melton. But during the parade lap Melton suffered a flat tire and pulled to the hot pits. Unable to make the repairs and the start, Charles Brewer was given the alternate position and putting Brandon Dulock along side Sustaire for the green.


Sustaire grabbed the point as green waved, while Dulock and Scotty Brown made contact. Dustin McGaha got pushed up into the wall and careened off catching Brown who also climed the back wall, with others scattering or spinning to the infield. During the melee, National points leader Duain Pritchett missed the mess and snuck into third while Travis Evans took second.


Once the green flew, the top three quickly started to put distance on the field as they built a huge lead over Kenneth Chamberlain, Mike Miles and Tim Ezell. Evans and D. Pritchett made slight contact on lap 5 while scrapping it out for second, but both got straightened out and lost little ground. Caution came out on lap 7 when Phillip Houston spun between turns 3-4. Under Yellow Evans pulled to the pits from second.


On the restart, Chamberlain tapped D. Pritchett and got sideways. Thomas Earl got tangled with Chamberlain but all continued on. As green came back out, D. Pritchett got along side Sustaire for the lead. The duo were still door to door on lap 10, while Jeff Turner and Terry Pritchett, who started in the last row together, were still together only fighting now for fourth.


At the halfway point the top five were Sustaire, D. Pritchett, Ezell, T. Pritchett and Turner. On lap 13 Ezell got inside D. Pritchett to get second, with T. Pritchett closing in. T. Pritchett got by D. Pritchett for third on lap 15, but D. Pritchett fought back as they swapped the spot. On lap 18 Ezell pushed up allowing D. Pritchett to get second back.


With five to go, Sustaire had a three car edge over D. Pritchett, while T. Pritchett kissed the wall, but kept on truckin’. On lap 22 Sustaire had added another couple of car lengths to his lead over D. Pritchett who had a five car Advantage over T. Pritchett and Ezell. As the checkers waved it was Sustaire taking the Tx IMCA Nationals win in his Darbys Coach Service/Madres Cocina/SM Performance Machine/Race Art Grafix//Wise County Detailing/Tunes Used Cars/Thoroughbred Racing Chassis.


IMCA Stock Car A-main

Pos/ Car#/Driver/Start

1 87 Kevin Sustaire (1)

2 22 Duain Pritchett (7)

3 73 Tim Ezell (13)

4 044 Jeff Turner (22)

5 62 Mike Miles (6)

6 55 Charlie Wilson (15)

7 112 Terry Pritchett (23)(originally 3rd penalized for jump starts)

8 147 Thomas Earl (11)

9 251 Brandon Dulock (2)

10 13 Shannon Parsons (21)

11 1 Daniel Kent (20)

12 72 Charles Brewer (24)

13 42 Brandon Kirkland (17)

14 71 Philip Houston (19)

15 25 Toby Miller (16)

16 97 Doug Lorenz (12)

17 04 Jason Honey (10)

18 41 Travis Evans (5)

19 15 Kenneth Chamberlain (8)

20 51 Jon Neilson (14)

21 01 Dustin McGaha (4)

22 44 Scotty Brown (3)

23 83 Chad Estes (9)

171 Chad Melton--DNS Flat on parade lap

252 Cory Teakell(18)---DQ

Phillip Houston claimed motor of Kevin Sustaire


Champions Round-up

Allen Waltermire and Duain Pritchett grabbed the front row in the draw for starting positions in the 10 lap Champions Round-up. Waltermire jumped into lead on lap 1. Pritchett got inside Waltermire, who spun giving the lead to Pritchett on lap 2, while Thomas Earl and Charlie Wilson in the pack. Pritchett and Travis Evans began to pull away from Shannon Parsons and Jeff Turner.


At halfway it was Pritchett, Evans, Parsons, Turner and Kevin Sustaire in the front five spots. Pritchett began to ease ahead of Evans while Parsons and Turner slugged it out for third. Evans spun on lap 8 giving Pritchett a full straightaway lead over the Parsons, Turner fight. At the finish it was Pritchett in the Jeffs Performance Automotive/Toms Auto Glass/Arty & Sons Paint & Body/TMM Fabrication/Wise County Detailing/Bilstien Shocks/Metro Colors/Murty Farms/Brads Transmissions/CA’s Auto Supply/Midwest Motorsports/Parsons Roofing/Stan Hopkins Co./Rickys Welding/Hobby Horse Custom Embroidery/We Got Your Number Graphics & Lettering/Advantage Race Car.


Champions Round-up


1 22 Duain Pritchett (2)

2 13 Shannon Parsons (10)

3 044 Jeff Turner (9)

4 87 Kevin Sustaire (6)

5 41 Travis Evans (3)

6 134 Tim Pyle (8)

7 97g Allen Waltermire (1)

8 25 Toby Miller (5)

9 147 Thomas Earl (4)

10 55 Charlie Wilson (7)


In the 25 lap IMCA Hobby Stock feature, David Watkins and Allen Motgomery paced the field to green. Watkins got out first with a three wide battle for second between Montgomery, Jerry West and David Redmon. West got inside Montgomery to get the point on lap 2. It was three wide for second again on lap 3, with Montgomery spinning from that battle on lap 4. Montgomery caught a break when Dillon Smith also to bring out a caution and give Montgomery his spot back


West got a big jump on the restart, with Redmon getting past Watkins for third. Willie Kenley then got by Watkins to move into third on lap 6. Redmon ran down Montgomery as West increased his lead. At the crossed flags it was West way out ahead of Montgomery, Redmon and Kenley who were close, while Watkins rounded out the top five.


By lap 15 West had a full straightaway over Montgomery who got some space over Redmon and Kenley. With five to go West was still in a class of his own, but Redmon was closing on Montgomery again. West went on to take an easy win in his Ace Tire Service/QSD Graphics/

Performance Engines/ Homemade chassis.


IMCA Hobby Stocks


1 9 Jerry West (3)

2 38 Allen Montgomery (2)

3 54 David Redman (4)

4 22 Willie Kenley (5)

5 28 David Watkins (1)

6 53 Michael Hulsey (6)

7 113 Russell Carter (9)

8 96 James Bailey (11)9

46 Jeff Hickox (7)

10 21 Jason Gallimore (12)

4 Chase Neill---DNS

87 Matt Drottz---DNS

03 Dillon Smith(8)--DQ

40 Jeff Reynolds(10)--DQ


Jr Mini Stocks

1 55 Justin Shaw

2 3 Josh Cox

3 00 Steven Abbey

4 37 Dean Abbey

5 60 Charles Cosper

6 13 Kathryne Minter

7 27 Mark Bullock

8 88 Kyle Jones

9 84 Shane Ellis

10 444 Joshua Sams

11 5 Cody Hodges

12 2 Josh Stambaugh

13 33 Jay Symm

50 Jeffrey Hill--DNS

7 Andrew Myers--DNS

15 Alex Bullock--DQ Rough Driving

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