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Tx IMCA Nationals Sat. night results/recaps

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The IMCA Modified 20 lap A-main to qualify the top 12 cars to the inside row of Sundays big A-main, started with David Smith II and Keith White on row 1. Smith was first into turn 1, with White diving under Smith coming out turn 2. Smith fought back and got under White in turns 3-4, while the pack battled three wide for fourth. Caution came out on lap 2 when Chance Kimberling spun and stopped.


On the restart, National points leader, Henry Witt got by Rusty Trevathan to grab seventh spot. On lap 3, Jeramie Cox and Steven Whitaker jr ran wheel to wheel for fifth, as Whitaker powered by on the high side. Witt moved in on Cox a lap later as they ran for sixth. Smith had a three car advantage over White by lap 5, with White holding a small lead over David McKay, who was looking to make his fifth Texas Nationals A-main event.


The fight for the final transfer spot started early with Trevathan, Greg Atwood and Varion Sisson slugging it out for 11th- 13th. Lap 8 Saw Smith slip just a little, giving White the chance to close back in. Witt got around Whitaker on the high groove to move into the top five on lap 9. As the crossed flags were shown, it was Smith, and White side by side for the lead, McKay, Wesley Veal and Witt rounding out the top five spots.


With White high, the duo ran door to door again on lap 11, with White grabbing the point on lap 12. Billy Garza brought out the yellow on that lap to erase White’s pass. On the restart White this time used the low side to get under Smith and snare the lead on lap 13, while Witt was getting around Veal for fourth. Veal battled back, getting along side Witt on lap 14, but Witt held off the challenge.


Whitaker was challenged for sixth by Ronnie Sigman on lap 15, but Sigman was trying to hold off Sisson at the same time as the three duked it out. With three to go Atwood was still fighting for his transfer spot, battling with Cox. With two laps left, Smith was close enough to give White a small tap on the bumper, but the veteran White, was able to hold off the charges of the young, Smith. At the checkers it was White grabbing the victory in his Tomastik Motorsports/Accent Plumbing/Silver Wings Saloon/Qwik Chassis.



IMCA Modified


1 1 Kieth White

2 703 David Smith II

3 24 David McKay

4 701 Henry Witt

5 11 Wesley Veal

6 89 Steven Whitaker jr

7 48 Ronnie Sigman

8 6 Varian Sisson

9 751 Rusty Trevathan

10 12 Slade Johnston

11 122 Jeramie Cox

12 231 Greg Atwood

13 707 PJ Egbert

14 911 Josh McGaha

15 23 Gary Chambless

16 52 Keith Green

17 34 Chance Kimberling

18 5 Kenny Stone

19 114 Shannon Hartline

20 171 Charles Lamb

21 02 David Davis

22 181 Cody Smith

23 151 Joe Gomez

24 727 Keith McCullough---DQ Weight color(originally finished 11th)


Polesitter, Travis Evans got a good jump at the start as green waved for the 24 car, 20 lap IMCA Stock car main, while Tim Ezell fell back to fourth. The top four sorted out to single file, while the pack was still two wide from fifth on back. By lap 5 Evans had built a four car lead over Kevin Sustaire and Scotty Brown. National points leader, Duain Pritchett got past Ezell on lap 6 to move into the fourth spot.


Back in the pack, a three wide scrap was going on for the transfer spot between Shannon Parsons, Terry Pritchett and Benji Kirkpatrick . At the halfway point it was Evans, Sustaire, Brown, D. Pritchett and Ezell in the top five positions. Evans got sidways on lap 11 allowing, Sustaire to get by for the lead on lap 11. Evans then fought to hold off Brown for second with the two side by side on lap 13.


Chad Estes moved into the top five as he got by Ezell on lap 14. With five to go, Sustaire had a 2 car gap to Brown, Evans and D. Pritchett, with Estes closing in. The top five stayed in line as the final laps clicked off. Sustaire went on to grab the checkers in his Darbys Coach Service/Madres Cocina/SM Performance Machine/Race Art Grafix/Wise County Detailing/Tunes Used Cars/Thoroughbred Racing Chassis, owner by Richard and Lee Griffin.



IMCA Stock car A-qualifier

1 87 Kevin Sustaire

2 44 Scotty Brown

3 41 Travis Evans

4 22 Duain Pritchett

5 83 Chad Estes

6 147 Thomas Earl

7 73 Tim Ezell

8 55 Charlie Wilson

9 42 Brandon Kirkland

10 71 Philip Houston

11 13 Shannon Parsons

12 112 Terry Pritchett

13 01 Dustin McGaha

14 JW Johnson

15 47 Benji Kirkpatrick

16 62 Mike Miles

17 044 Jeff Turner

18 144 Michael Sams

19 2 Billy Garza

20 15 Kenneth Chamberlain

21 25 Toby Miller

22 007 Chris Myers

23 11 Dan Johnson

24 170 Phil Egbert


David Watkins and Chase Neill paced the field to green for IMCA Hobby Stock feature, with Neill getting the lead on lap 1. Watkins got inside Neill to get the topspot on lap 2. Watkins slipped high in turns 1-2 allowing Neill to get by down the back stretch. But Watkins fought back grabbing the lead again in turns 3-4.


Alllen Montgomery moved in on Neill to battle for second on lap 6. Jerry West took the fourth spot as he passed David Redman on the same lap. At the mid point it was Watkins, Montgomery, West, Redman and Willie Kenley.


With five to go, Watkins was pulling away from Montgomery, who had a good gap back to West, Redman and Kenley. In the final laps West closed the gap on Montgomery, but never enough to mount a challenge. At the finish it was Watkins in his Kokomo Energy/Lee Air Services/Braka Operating/Watkins Two-way Specialties/Destroyer Chassis getting the win



Hobby Stock A-qualifier

1 28 David Watkins

2 38 Allen Montgomery

3 9 Jerry West

4 54 David Redmon

5 22 Willie Kenley

6 53 Michael Hulsey

7 46 Jeff Hickox

8 4 Chase Neill

9 03 Dillon Smith

10 113 Russell Carter

11 87 Matt Drottz



Jr Mini main #1

1 23 Brandon Goodnight

2 55 Justin Shaw

3 60 Charles Cosper

4 155 Garrett Bush

5 5 Cody Hodges

6 444 Joshua Sams

7 27 Mark Bullock

8 7 Andrew Myers--rolled 1 1/2 times(OK)

9 51 Kevin Green

10 1 Nathan Sauers

11 37 Dean Abbey


Jr Mini main #2

1 Alex Bullock

2 88 Kyle Jones

3 17 Nathan Sodek

4 00 Steven Abbey

5 84 Shane Ellis

6 10 Jonathon Walker

7 3 Josh Cox

8 11 Justin walker

9 13 Kathryne Minter

10 50 Jeffery Hill

11 2 Josh Stambaugh

12 44 Kayla Jones--Taken to hospital for observation after hitting wall

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