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Cardinal Motor Speedway Recap and Results, 5/22/04

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Cardinal Motor Speedway -- Saturday, May 22, 2004


Mother Nature gave race fans the best night yet in the 2004 season



by James White

EUNICE, N.M. -- A full 20 car field lined up for the IMCA Modified feature

race that saw #26s Pete Seidl and #313 Wayne Pruit head up the field to the

green. The track was a little on the dry side but very fast. #21 Jimmy

Breeding took the lead early from #26s Pete Seidl and was pulling away early

on , meanwhile #8 Ken couch was charging through traffic and moving toward

the front.


With a red flag for a spun car, the restart had #8 Ken Couch in 2nd on the

rear bumper of #21 Jimmy Breeding. Running in that order for several laps ,

#8 Ken couch got a little too close to Breeding and caused breeding to spin

in turn two , the Flagman sent Couch to the back of the pack for the



Neal Flowers was putting the first race on a new Harris race car and found

the high grove to his liking and was in the hunt for breeding but ran out of





1. # 21 Jimmy Breeding (Odessa, Tex.)

2. #85 Neal Flowers (Hobbs, N.M.)

3. #101 Butch Reid (Carlsbad, N.M.)

4. #16 Bob Sikes(Eunice, N.M.)

5. #17 Roy Don Mason (Hobbs, N.M.)

6. 26s Pete Seidl ( Hobbs, N.M.)


IMCA Stock Cars had 17 entries and was a very exciting race. #20 Cody Kays

held off a very fast #28 Waylon Lacy for most of the race while lots of

bumping and grinding went on behind them. On Lap 16 after a restart #28 Lacy

took the lead on the inside grove off turn 4 and beat #20 Kays to the inside

of turn 1 and took the lead holding on for his first feature win in I-Stock

after posting several features in the Pro-4's last season.




1. # 28 Waylon Lacy (Odessa, Tex.)

2. #20 Cody Kays (Hobbs, N.M.)

3. #2 Chad Warren (Hobbs, N.M.)

4. #65 Eric Jarrel (Hobbs, N.M.)

5. #1 Kenneth Imler (Odessa, Tex.)

6. #9 Justin Graves (Odessa, Tex.)




1. #16 Triston Sikes (Eunice, N.M.)

2. #64 Doug Cox (Odessa, Tex.)

3. #17 Alan Heronema (Andrews, Tex.)

4. #4 Josh Pickerel (Eunice, N.M.)

5. #36 Jerry Harper jr. (Eunice, N.M.)

6. #71 James Newton (Eunice, N.M.)



1. # 24 Scott Pyle (Midland, Tex.)

2. #99 Junior Dosher (Hobbs, N.M.)

3. #29 Wesley Crouch (Midland, Tex.)

4. #27 Kerry Hinsley ( Midland, Tex.)

5. #37 Mack Seay ( Seminole, Tex.)

6. #08 Kenneth Seay (Seminole, Tex.)




1. #53 Danny Lam (Odessa, Tex.)

2. #7 James White (Odessa, Tex.)

3. #75 Bob Eshelman (Big Springs, Tex.)

4. #88x John Allen ( Hobbs, N.M.)

5. #24 Tony Vega (Odessa, Tex.)

6. #46 John Anderson (Big Springs, Tex.)




1. #7 Ashley Myers ( Eunice, N.M.)

2. #17 Zachary Mason (Hobbs, N.M.)

3. #5 Cody Hodges (Eunice, N.M.)

4. #22 Levi Davis (Lovington, N.M.)

5. #29 Michael Whitmire (Eunice,N.M.)

6. #171 Terry Dossey (Lovington, N.M.)

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