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Cardinal Speedway results and recap, 5/1/04

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Cardinal Motor Speedway (Eunice, N.M) Results, 5/1/04


Breeding holds off Witt for Eunice laurels


by James White

EUNICE, N.M. -- Hopefully it was the last cold Saturday night of the season.

Sammy Hodges had the track in perfect racing condition and the cool

temperatures kept the moisture in the clay and the track was perfect.


Twenty-seven I.M.C.A. modifieds were on hand and 15 cars ran a "B" main with

the first eight cars transfering to the feature.


Butch Reid and Slade Johnston brought the 20-car "A" main to the green. With

a clean start and very fast action with cars four-wide in the turns,

something was bound to happen soon, and it did on lap 6 as, car #31 from Big

Lake, Texas, was squeezed into the turn 3 wall being on the high side with

four cars going into the turn.


During those six laps, Jimmy Breeding worked his way into the lead from his

second row outside starting position. On the restart, Breeding had breathing

room and put his healthy motor to work. Meanwhile, back in the pack, Bob

Sikes and Neal Flowers were moving to the front and former I.M.C.A. Modified

National Champion Henry Witt Jr. was right behind them, methodically working

his way up from his outside row 6 starting position.


With the race running pretty smooth and not very many restarts, the race

wound down quickly. In the final stages, Breeding was still out front with

Flowers in second, Sikes third and Witt in fourth with five laps to go.


Flowers and Sikes were battling hard with lots of "rubbin'" and near-spins

making room for Witt to get by. Moving into second with open sailing, Witt

took out after the leader but ran out of time.


After the race, Witt commented on Cardinal Motor Speedway as a very fine

race track.


"I think I could have won it if I'd have had one more lap," Witt said.


It was great to see a driver of his calibur at CMS.


The I.M.C.A. stock cars had 16 entries and the field was lead to the line by

Bubba Sikes, who was back in a race car after sitting out almost two



The race was fast and the track was nice and tacky. Kenneth Imler was

quickly on the back bumper of Sikes and giving it a run to take the lead.

Sikes was fast and consistent with his lines and was holding onto the lead.


Later in the race, Trey Jarrel caught Imler and the battle was on for second

place, allowing Sikes to put some distance on the field. The race went

quickly, as like the Modifieds. Tonight saw a reduction in the amount of

restarts and the night was all Sikes, starting from the pole and never

looking back.




I.M.C.A. Modified

1. 21 Jimmy Breeding (Odessa, Texas)

2. 701 Henry Witt Jr. (Waco, Texas)

3. 16 Bob Sikes (Eunice)

4. 85 Neal Flowers (Hobbs)

5. 12 Slade Johnston (Eunice)

6. 101 Butch Reid(Carlsbad, N.M)


I.M.C.A. Stock Car

1. 16 Bubba Sikes (Eunice)

2. 55 Trey Jarrel (Hobbs)

3. 1 Kenneth Imler (Odessa, Texas)

4. 14 Robert Atwood

5. 9 Justin Graves (Odessa, Texas)

6. 34 Tim Pyle (Midland, Texas)


I.M.C.A. Hobby Stock

1. 16 Triston Sikes (Eunice)

2. 49 Josh Jones (Eunice)

3. 71 James Newton

4. 55 Sonny Garret

5. 17 Allan Heronema

6. 99 Mark Bateman


Street Stock

1. 24 Scott Pyle

2. 37 mack Seay

3. 29 Wesley Crouch

4. 99 Junior Dosher

5. 117 Earnest Garcia

6. 27 Kerry Hinsley



1. 46 John Anderson

2. 68 Jason Allen

3. 20 Paul Twaddle

4. 75 Bob Eschelman

5. 24 Tony Vega

6. 3 Steve Huse



1. 49 Brandon Gage

2. 0 James Cathey

3. 171 Terry Dossey

4. 5 Cody Hodges

5. 17 Zachary Mason

6. 22 Levi Davis

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