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Impressed with ROMCO at HMP: A Fan's Point of View


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My Dad and I ventured out to Houston Motorsports Park to catch the ROMCO race this past Saturday night. I hadn't been to a race at this facility since the "old days" when it was a quarter mile red clay oval called Big H Speedway - probably 1991. All I can say is "wow." I've been to many racing facilities, but have not been to a nicer short track than Houston Motorsports Park. Everything about the facility was top notch- the grandstands are great - like those chair back seats! The restrooms were spotless and the concessions were excellent and reasonably priced. The show started on time - I thought the track owner playing the national anthem on a trumpet was really cool. They had a strong crowd - lots of families with kids. Car count in the ROMCO division was very strong - 29 cars. I was impressed that several drivers from as far away as Missouri made the haul to Texas to compete. The ROMCO feature event was a lot of fun to watch - although several cars that were contending for the lead got taken out in a wreck - but that's the way short track racing works! Congrats to Bradley Riethmeyer (spelling?) on a fine drive!


Bottom line: We had a blast, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will be back. We have primarily gone to dirt track races at Houston Raceway Park in Baytown (my parents live in Baytown), but dirt track racing is very fragmented in Houston right now and I am a sprint car fan, but no local track runs sprint cars on a regular basis. We will be attending more races at Houston Motorsports Park - what a nice place to see a race! They are doing just about everything "right." The only thing that I think the track could work on would be getting the word out - if more folks in the Houston area knew what a nice facility HMP was, they could completely fill the grandstands. I was talking with some friends who follow racing about what a great facility Houston Motorsports Park is and they didn't even know it existed. Next time I will try to bring some additional folks with me.

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