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I was arguing with a guy I Work with, he claims the "EVERYBODY" watches the NFL, and the "NOBODY" watches NASCAR....


Granted I dont watch NASCAR "EVERY" Weekend, but I "ONLY" Watch NFL on Superbowl.


He says NASCAR aint making Money, and there is "NO" Fan Base, and that a Sold out Stadium, or an Empty Stadium at a NASCAR Speedway, makes No Difference.

Also Says there is "NO" Strategy in NASCAR


He Says the NFL is the #1 sport, and that "EVERYBODY" Watches NFL, and that Its a Major Fan Based Sport, that the Crowd can help determine the way a game is finished.


and on a final note.. he says NASCAR only has about 150,000 fans worldwide..


Help Me Argue My Point. and defend not just NASCAR but all Motorsports...




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Tell your friend he either needs to start taking his meds again, or put down the pipe, which ever applies.


he says NASCAR only has about 150,000 fans worldwide


Then who the heck are the other 10,000 in the crowd at Texas Motor Speedway?


Look at the telivison ratings. NASCAR pulls pretty consistant 3-4's. That's 3 to 4 million households.


Granted, the TV ratings aren't as good as NFL's, but it is alot more than 150,000.


And auto racing is the number one spectator sport in america. More people go to watch auto races than football games.


And if NASCAR, i.e. the France Family isn't making money, pigs are flying out my..... window. How long did it take NASCAR to replace it's title sponsor? A couple of months.


It's ok not to like something. But I don't like bashers who are ignorant. He is way out there on Pluto.


Bill "Sarge" Masom

Hardest working race announcer in Texas! Have microphone, will travel.

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Yeah, Tom, ask your pal where those extra folks come from at Texas, Daytona and Indy, three widely-separated races that each draw over 160,000.

Ask him how, if the average NASCAR fan only attends three Cup races per year, the total fan base could be as low as 150,000?

I don't know the NFL numbers, but sociologists who study major league baseball say a team that draws three million in attendance only has 300,000 fans; they (and the NFL and everyone else) count each fan everytime he comes in the gate.

Ask him how many people outside the United States can name an NFL star, or an NBA star. A friend of mine was racing in Europe ten years ago, and couldn't get folks over there to understand that relatively few people here knew who Ayrton Senna was. (At the same time, none of THEM had a clue who Michael Jordan was.)

The Cowboys played a game in Wembley Stadium that year, and drew fewer fans than a British Formula 3 race at Silverstone on the same day.

The numbers don't come from NASCAR. They come from the Wall Street Journal, and from Sports Business Daily, and from the Nielsen TV ratings.

The NFL does have higher ratings than NASCAR, but no one else does. Not major league baseball, not the NBA, not the NHL (very big in a few cities along the U.S./Canadian border, pretty much invisible everywhere else), not college sports, nobody.

And NASCAR is closing. This fall, with the ten-race shootout, they just might make some serious inroads into the NFL's ratings lead. That's why they're doing it.

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do you really think you need to put a pole like this on a (RACING WEBSITE)!!!that's like going to tibet and asking a monk how long it's been since he got laid...you know what the answer is going to be.....

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Crazyhorse-Good point. I'm also glad you figured out how to turn off the caps lock on your computer...



You have to bear in mind that they live in a different world. (Remind me to tell you about Dale Jarrett and the "all-sports" radio station in Atlanta sometime.) We like racing, and many of the people we know like racing, though not all. That means we talk about racing a lot.

The stick-and-ball folks are the same way, kind of insulated and isolated by their own interests, and somewhat incapable of seeing that not everyone shares their interest.

During a discussion with a local sportscaster who said people didn't talk to him about racing, I said no one comes up to me to talk about baseball. He looked at me as if I had suddenly grown another head, and said, "You're kidding!" It was inconceivable to him that I didn't talk about baseball, because it's his favorite sport.

(I got the same reaction when I told a friend of mine that I'd never heard of anybody named Latrelle Spreewell until he made the news for choking his coach, but it's true. I don't pay any attention to basketball, even though I played it in high school.)

You just have to see where they're coming from, and try to educate them a little, and only a little at a time. It will be awhile before they get to the level where they can appreciate how cool Kenseth's pass on Newman was in the Nextel All Star Saturday...

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TQ I knew who Aryton Senna was as a 8 and 9 year old. I think a lot more people knew who he was than you think just they don't follow F1 as closely. I used to wake up early when the races came on at 6:30 on Fox Sportsnet and would watch Shumy battle the guys when he was just beginning to win in his Ford powered car.

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Tom or anyone else in a city with a new IFL team,


Have any of you guys been to an IFL game? I heard they are awesome and I plan on being at the next Hammerheads home game in CC on June 5th. This is a first year arena league with all new teams. The team has a ton of former CC and Kingsville players.

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CrazyHorse- I know the Answers here would mainly be NASCAR, but i figured i could get a few answers for NFL aswell...he wanted to poll our work of 75 employeess, all of whom are compulsive NFL Gamblers. So I knew what there reaction would be...


I told him to ask his people and ill ask mine...So i came to here to ask...


Jason- No I aint been to the IFL game yet, 3-1, I belive all but i game was on a saturday...havent been able to make it...but will check it out...I am 95% for all local sports, but National sports except nascar, can stay off my TV....I will go if i ever get the chance to see a game LIVE...


Tom Creacy

CCMS Announcer


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Well then I'll go with Nascar.World wide racing is 2nd only to soccer.The NFL is pretty much still a regional(American)sport...

Ask anyone in Germany who Ray Lewis is,then ask them who Michael Schomacher is....Did'nt mean to sound like a wise guy.....




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