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I-37 Raceway is ready to hit the race track again this Saturday night with special opening ceremonies scheduled start at 7:15. All race cars will be given an American flag and will be lined up around the track for a special tribute to our great country. It will be sight to behold. Heat races will begin at 7:30 with all of our classes back on the track after 2 schedules weeks off and 1 for a rain out. Everyone is counting the days and hours till we hear and feel the rumble of the engines. The go-carts will be on the track in between the heat and feature races practicing for the day they are in a race car. There will be a special surprise in the sky before the feature races start!!


The pit gates will be opening at 3:00 with the fan gates at 5:00. The concession stand will be ready to serve a Charlie Burger plus all the other snack shack specialties at 5:30. Come have a burger on the picnic table with other race fans. Invite someone that has not been to the races before to share in the excitement and enjoyment of an evening of fast paced entertainment and friendship under the Texas night sky. Remember everyone is invited to visit the pits after the races to talk to your favorite racer.

If anyone has any questions, please give Jim a call---210-478-0111.


See everyone at the race track Saturday night!!!!!

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