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2002 Big Dog Shootout @ Thunder Hill Raceway trivia

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We have some fun with trivia on another racing site and thought I'd see if anyone was interested in playing over here too....EXCEPT for TxTom...Now I'm not saying you can't play Tom....but give people a chance before you answer the questions correctly....LOL


Back in 2002 Owen Pittman promoted a big modified event at Thunder Hill that attracted dirt and pavement aces alike from several states....


So....who won the 100-lap 5K to win feature


Bonus for naming the top five


Extra bonus for top ten


Super bonus for all 24 to make the A-main....

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It was Chris Swenson. Steve Miller was leading it with about 15 to go and used up the tires. I think Keith Sandefur finished 8th. There were a lot of good dirt cars in the race. Henry Witt qualified for it, however, he had some motor issues and fell out. There was also a car all the way from Minnesota. Came back twice because the first weekend was rained out.

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Joe, Howard did qualify the first weekend....but failed to return the second weekend after the rain out....


Who were the other two drivers to make the A-main, but not come back?


Paul was one of the guys to make the show because of the guys that didn't return.....Can anyone name the other two lucky transfers?

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OK here ya go

Chris Swenson

James Cole

Wayne Brooks(Ark)

Don Banker

Kenny Stone

Paul White

Jerry Schild

Eddy Ross

Chris Davidson

Charles Nelson

Ray Doyon

Barry Codling

Henry Witt

Joey Heineman

Chris Snocker

Keith Sandefur

Larry Smith

John Heineman

Steve Miller

GW Egbert

Steve Johanneck(Minn)

Austin Carter

Sean Jones

George White was Dq'ed for weight(originally finished 4th)


Howard Willis, Kenny Gaddis and Troy Taylor qualified the first weekend but did not return moving Witt, Doyon and P. White up to qualifying spots three weeks later......

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