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Big Night July 24th 2010


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Street Socks this is your Big Night!!! We are running our main feature event in the Street Stocks. This will be the final event of the night. The purse has grown to a sizable amount. Houston racers are planning on coming down. We will have a copy of the rules from each track. There will be no Mixing of the rules, (i.e. Battleground and 105 rules.) Track will tech cars.


The purse is as follows:

$1,000 to win (*$100 of this sponsored by Elite Automotive) ,($100 of this sponsored by the Turner Family), and ($100 of this sponsored by Cagle Motorsports

$500 for 2nd

$300 for 3rd

4th - $250

5th - $200 ($50 bump added by Ken Bulsterbaum)

6th - $150 ($50 bump added by Ken Bulsterbaum)

7th - $90

8th - $80

9th - $75

10th - $50

11th - $40

12th - $40

13th - $40

14th - $40

15th - 24th - $25


*plus $200 added by Team Xtreme (Lauren Chamberlain, Brian King, Butch King, Monty Chamberlain, and Chris Shafer) to some selected positions in bonus envelopes*


*plus the Dainelsen Motorsports, Jason Hammack, Randy Seals, and Precision Welding incentives of $100 each and Jeff the SOS flagmans $50, ($450 combined) bonus to the highest averaging official finish by any driver that competes at Texana and then Shady Oaks on subsequent weekend.


Also we run our following classes: Mini-Stocks, Dwarfs, Hot Stock Trucks, Super Stocks, Sport Mods, Modifieds, and featured class, Street Stocks.


Also our Bicycle Give-a-way will be July 24, 2010 as well. Last year we were able to give away nearly 65 bicycles to kids at the track. I want to encourage racers, fans, and whom ever would like to, to buy a new bicycle to give to a kid. The joy and smiles on the children are worth it. I will getting a bicycle or two again this year to give away. I want to challenge, everyone, individuals and businesses alike to help pitch in to make this a huge success.

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The bicyles give away is truly an awesome event for the raceway each year. This is unique to any trck in the country, as I never heard of a track being able to give away so many bicycles on a single night.


Bruce called me this week and told me that the track itself is purchasing 12 bicycles to place in the give-away. That is awesome! A precedence has been set at this track of something truly special and unique that occurs once each year. Let's all keep this going and make this years bicycles give away another one to remember.


By the way, this is an excellent way to get your race team some recognition as well as your sponsors. What our team has done in the past is make a laminated 8.5 x 11 sheet recognizing our race team and our sponsors and attaching it to any bicycles we donate.

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