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"Top-Ten Must Haves of Successful Race Tracks."

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Dirt Late Model Magazine, and editor Mike O'Connor, put out a great magazine every month, filled with colorful pictures and interesting stories. The newest issue has an article by Southern All Stars official Kelley Carlton on the "Top-Ten Must Haves of Successful Race Tracks."


10 - Cleanliness - bathrooms, of course, and putting all the old track equipment (water trucks, graders, etc.) out of sight.

9 - Concessions - Carlton likes to eat well at the track

8 - Track prep - ready to go at the advertised time

7 - Support classes - with enforced time limits

6 - Promotion - utilize every means available

5 - Atmosphere - strong and knowledgeable announcers are a must

4 - Special events - once a month

3 - Timeliness - get the show over in less than four hours

2 - People - the right people, well-trained, in the right places

1 - Integrity and Reputation - you must do what you say, and not play favorites.

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