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I keep telling these guys this camera needs to be pointing backwards. Not much is happening in front of them :)


If your interested in this type of camera system check out our website http://www.SportActionCam.com. We sell these sytems and they are a great tool and a lot of fun! Several teams on here own them! We are also a proud supporter of LSZ!

i like where he had his ...i mean we got to see all that amazeing hand work .thats the point of haveing one isnt it ...lets all the competitors see lap after lap if his truck starts fading.. those hands never lie ..that throtle response tells a story aswell ..tires singing in the turns gives you some insight if you listen ......... i give him an .a for placement ....when passing the other trucks .i i got to see how close they get .had me on ege for a second .exciting moment .thats something a driver never really see.s other than we were close ...now you know .......

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