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Heart O' Texas Speedway results 6/25/10

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Roller Rules Hobby Stocks at HOT


Elm Mott, Texas (June 26, 2010) - Andy Roller took home his first winner’s trophy of the season in the hobby stock feature at the Heart O' Texas Speedway on Friday night. Charlie Norris and Ray Kemp, Jr. were the second and third place finishers.


Keith White doubled with wins in both the IMCA modified and IMCA SportMod features. Johnny Sheets took second in the modified race and Keith Green was third. Bobby Mercer, Jr. ran second in the SportMod feature and Mark McDaniel finished third.


Jason Gauntt, Doug Andrews, and Matt Hood were the top three in the street stock feature.


Wade White won the top prize in the pure stock feature with Tommy Honey in second and Kevin Smith in third.


Marshall (Taco) Sauseda added another win to his record in the cruiser feature. Brandon Kreder raced to second place and Kevin Harper went home with third.


Jordan Kornegay padded her point lead in the junior mini stock class with her sixth win of the year. Corbin Suggs followed in second and Austin Theiss was third.


The winners of the three trophies in the Texas Twister feature were Austin Smith, Jay Hutson, and J.D. Hardcastle.


Jason and Robin Batt finished one and two in the feature for the visiting I-stocks with Melvin Burrows tailing in third.


Caleb Martin earned the top prize in the ASCS2/EMSA mini sprint feature. Jeb Sessums took the second place spot and Taylor Smitherman drove to third. Brant Barker, Dylan Fox, and Lyndon Harvey finished one, two, and three in the restrictor class feature.


Complete Finish - Friday, June 25, 2010


Modified 6/25/2010

Feature: 1. Keith White (Academy, TX), 2. Johnny Sheets (Gatesville, TX), 3. Keith Green (Robinson, TX), 4. Benji Kirkpatrick (Elm Mott, TX), 5. Justin Redmon (Oglesby, TX), 6. Dwayne Grantham (Robinson, TX), 7. Evan Pardo (Gatesville, TX), 8. Ben Ketteman (Pflugerville, TX), 9. Cody Daniel (Bellmead, TX), 10. Sam Sovey (Waco, TX), 11. Steven MacIsaac (Waco, TX), 12. David Goode (Belton, TX), 13. Robert Black (Waco, TX), 14. Chase Jupe (West, TX)


Heat 1:1. Justin Redmon (Oglesby, TX), 2. Cody Daniel (Bellmead, TX), 3. Chase Jupe (West, TX), 4. Steven MacIsaac (Waco, TX), 5. Benji Kirkpatrick (Elm Mott, TX), 6. Ben Ketteman (Pflugerville, TX), 7. David Goode (Belton, TX)


Heat 2:1. Robert Black (Waco, TX), 2. Keith Green (Robinson, TX), 3. Keith White (Academy, TX), 4. Johnny Sheets (Gatesville, TX), 5. Evan Pardo (Gatesville, TX), 6. Sam Sovey (Waco, TX), 7. Dwayne Grantham (Robinson, TX)


IMCA SportMod 6/25/2010


Feature: 1. Keith White (Academy, TX), 2. Bobby Mercer Jr. (China Spring, TX), 3. Mark McDaniel (Elm Mott, TX), 4. Chris Cogburn (Robinson, TX), 5. Kevin Green (Robinson, TX), 6. Paul White, 7. T.J. Green (Robinson, TX), 8. Johnny Sheets (Gatesville, TX), 9. Randy Doyle (Killeen, TX), 10. Sid Kiphen (Gatesville, TX), 11. Wade White (Gholson, TX), 12. Edward Schmidt (Robinson, TX), 13. Rick Poteet (Hillsboro, TX)


Heat 1:1. Keith White (Academy, TX), 2. Kevin Green (Robinson, TX), 3. Sid Kiphen (Gatesville, TX), 4. Wade White (Gholson, TX), 5. Paul White, 6. Rick Poteet (Hillsboro, TX), 7. Randy Doyle (Killeen, TX)


Heat 2:1. Bobby Mercer Jr. (China Spring, TX), 2. Mark McDaniel (Elm Mott, TX), 3. Chris Cogburn (Robinson, TX), 4. T.J. Green (Robinson, TX), 5. Johnny Sheets (Gatesville, TX), 6. Edward Schmidt (Robinson, TX)


Hobby 6/25/2010


Feature: 1. Andy Roller (Waco, TX), 2. Charlie Norris (Hillsboro, TX), 3. Ray Kemp, Jr. (Riesel, TX), 4. Chris Cogburn (Robinson, TX), 5. Shannon Dulock (Axtell, TX), 6. Michael Votaw (Whitney, TX), 7. David Bissonette (Stephenville, TX), 8. Jeff Sexton (West, TX), 9. Jeremy Oliver (Chilton, TX), 10. Ricky Rodriguez (Eddy, TX), 11. Les Maxwell (Waco, TX), 12. Billy Taylor (Gatesville, TX), 13. Michael Guenat (Robinson, TX), 14. Jaron Shahan (China Spring, TX), 15. Jeremy Hendrix (Robinson, TX), 16. Garret Rawls (China Spring, TX)


Heat 1:1. Les Maxwell (Waco, TX), 2. Charlie Norris (Hillsboro, TX), 3. Jeremy Hendrix (Robinson, TX), 4. Shannon Dulock (Axtell, TX), 5. Chris Cogburn (Robinson, TX), 6. Ray Kemp, Jr. (Riesel, TX), 7. David Bissonette (Stephenville, TX), 8. Billy Taylor (Gatesville, TX)


Heat 2:1. Andy Roller (Waco, TX), 2. Michael Guenat (Robinson, TX), 3. Garret Rawls (China Spring, TX), 4. Michael Votaw (Whitney, TX), 5. Jeff Sexton (West, TX), 6. Ricky Rodriguez (Eddy, TX), 7. Jeremy Oliver (Chilton, TX), 8. Jaron Shahan (China Spring, TX)


Street 6/25/2010


Feature: 1. Jason Gauntt (Elm Mott, TX), 2. Doug Andrews (Elm Mott, TX), 3. Matt Hood (Waco, TX), 4. Tommy Kirkpatrick (Elm Mott, TX), 5. John Heffelfinger (Waco, TX), 6. Ed Thompson (Waco, TX), 7. David Khoury (Waco, TX), 8. Lewis Blackwood (Pendleton, TX), 9. Bill Eller (Lorena, TX), 10. Chuck Hamlin (Elm Mott, TX)


Heat: 1. Matt Hood (Waco, TX), 2. John Heffelfinger (Waco, TX), 3. Jason Gauntt (Elm Mott, TX), 4. Lewis Blackwood (Pendleton, TX), 5. David Khoury (Waco, TX), 6. Tommy Kirkpatrick (Elm Mott, TX), 7. Chuck Hamlin (Elm Mott, TX), 8. Ed Thompson (Waco, TX), 9. Doug Andrews (Elm Mott, TX), 10. Bill Eller (Lorena, TX)


Pure 6/25/2010


Feature: 1. Wade White (Gholson, TX), 2. Tommy Honey (Waco, TX), 3. Kevin Smith (Elm Mott, TX), 4. Billy Shaw (Crawford, TX), 5. Jack Jenkins (Waco, TX), 6. Jeff Shepperd (Waco, TX), 7. Colton Glaser (Lorena, TX), 8. Jeff Willis (West, TX), 9. Edward Harcrow (West, TX), 10. Dillon Payne (Salado, TX), 11. Timmy Kemp (Waco, TX), 12. James Haynes (Hubbard, TX), 13. Steven Schmidt (Mt. Calm, TX), 14. Weston Glaser (Lorena, TX), 15. James Holder (China Spring, TX)


Heat 1:1. Jeff Willis (West, TX), 2. Weston Glaser (Lorena, TX), 3. Timmy Kemp (Waco, TX), 4. Jeff Shepperd (Waco, TX), 5. Jack Jenkins (Waco, TX), 6. Edward Harcrow (West, TX), 7. Steven Schmidt (Mt. Calm, TX)


Heat 2:1. Billy Shaw (Crawford, TX), 2. Wade White (Gholson, TX), 3. Kevin Smith (Elm Mott, TX), 4. Tommy Honey (Waco, TX), 5. Colton Glaser (Lorena, TX), 6. James Haynes (Hubbard, TX), 7. Dillon Payne (Salado, TX), 8. James Holder (China Spring, TX)


Cruiser 6/25/2010


Feature: 1. Marshall Sauseda (Waco, TX), 2. Brandon Kreder (Elm Mott, TX), 3. Kevin Harper (McGregor, TX), 4. Steve Wade (Waco, TX), 5. Luther Carnahan (Waco, TX), 6. Barry Gaston (Waco, TX), 7. Jeff Williams (Waco, TX), 8. Peanut Walker (Bellmead, TX), 9. Anthony Simcik, 10. Andrew Richards (Robinson, TX), 11. Billy Williams (Bellmead, TX), 12. Jr Jean (Blum, TX), 13. Alex Norris (Elm Mott, TX)


Junior Mini Stock 6/25/2010


Feature: 1. Jordan Kornegay (China Spring, TX), 2. Corbin Suggs (West, TX), 3. Austin Theiss (Hockley, TX), 4. Kayleigh Kornegay (China Spring, TX), 5. Cory Kreder (Elm Mott, TX), 6. Bristol Payne (Hillsboro, TX)


Twister 6/25/2010


Feature: 1. Austin Smith (Lampasas, TX), 2. Jay Hutson (Waco, TX), 3. JD Hardcastle (Copperas Cove, TX), 4. Brent Dalton (Meadowlakes, TX), 5. Dustin Thompson (Mt. Calm, TX), 6. Tommy Hultz (Kempner, TX), 7. Amy Nichols (Robinson, TX), 8. Rick Morosky (Waco, TX), 9. Jamie Herring (Killeen, TX), 10. Dena Wachsmann (West, TX), 11. Ricky Bobby (Elm Mott, TX), 12. Zachary Riley (Killeen, TX), 13. Norris Meeks (Waco, TX), 14. Shane Arnold (Hubbard, TX), 15. Michael Hilliard (Temple, TX),


I-Stock 6/25/2010


Feature: 1. Jason Batt (Harker Heights, TX), 2. Robin Batt (Harker Heights, TX), 3. Melvin Burrows (Gatesville, TX), 4. Duain Pritchett (Forney, TX), 5. John Morris (N. Richland Hills, TX), 6. Brant Willis (Waco, TX), 7. Caleb Crenshaw (Fort Worth, TX), 8. D.L. Wilson (China Spring, TX), 9. Pat Wilson (Harker Heights, TX), 10. Richard Valentine (Harker Heights, TX), 11. Matt Guillaume (Tomball, TX), 12. Dan Day (Princeton, TX)


Heat 1:1. Brant Willis (Waco, TX), 2. Pat Wilson (Harker Heights, TX), 3. Richard Valentine (Harker Heights, TX), 4. Dan Day (Princeton, TX), 5. John Morris (N. Richland Hills, TX), 6. Duain Pritchett (Forney, TX)


Heat 2:1. Robin Batt (Harker Heights, TX), 2. Melvin Burrows (Gatesville, TX), 3. Jason Batt (Harker Heights, TX), 4. D.L. Wilson (China Spring, TX), 5. Matt Guillaume (Tomball, TX), 6. Caleb Crenshaw (Fort Worth, TX)


ASCS2/EMSA Mini Sprint 6/25/2010


Feature: 1. Caleb Martin, 2. Jeb Sessums, 3. Taylor Smitherman, 4. Coy Jordan, 5. Michael Hernandez, 6. Jimmy Wiggins, 7. Jason Tyer, 8. Sasha Sessums, 9. Aaron Baremore, 10. Dan Tucker, 11. Jonathan Danley, 12. Dustin Bottoms, 13. Larry Williams, 14. Shane Freeman, 15. Oscar Aguillera, 16. Jeromy Hefler, 17. Daniel McDaniel, 18. Dave Harzberg, 19. Dustin Davidson, 20. Kyle Jones, 21. George White, 22. Nathan Hamberg, 23. Bryan Debrick, 24. Jake Lucas.


B-Main (Top 4 transferred to A): 5. Jason McFarland, 6. Andrew Cline, 7. Felix Gonzales, 8. Jacob Gilliam, 9. Andy Hogan, 10. James Hogan, 11. Jimmy Cullom.


Restrictor Feature: 1.Brant Barker, 2. Dylan Fox, 3. Lyndon Harvey.


Next Friday’s program will be highlighted by the always popular fireworks show about 10:00 P.M. IMCA modifieds, IMCA SportMods, and IMCA hobby stocks will run heats and features. Street stocks, pure stocks, cruisers, junior mini stocks, Texas Twisters will run features only. The Brazos Mini Sprints and the Texas Wing Modifieds will also be competing. Gates open and 6:00 P.M., but the grandstand area will be open most of the day is fans want to save seats. Racing begins at 8:00 P.M. Check www.heartotexspeedway.com for more information.


Coming Events

July 2 Friday 8:00 P.M. Fireworks Show--Heats and Features IMCA Modified, IMCA Southern SportMods, IMCA Hobby Stock. Features only for Street Stock & Pure Stock, Cruisers, Junior Mini Stock & Twisters +Brazos Mini Sprints, Texas Wing Modifieds

July 9 Friday 8:00 P.M. Heats and Features for IMCA Modified, IMCA SportMod, IMCA Hobby Stock, Street Stock, and Pure Stock. Features only for Cruisers, Junior Mini Stock, and Twisters + I-Stocks

July 16 Friday 8:00 P.M. Heats and Features for IMCA Modified, IMCA SportMod, IMCA Hobby Stock, Street Stock, and Pure Stock. Features only for Cruisers, Junior Mini Stock, and Twisters + Texas Wing Modifieds and Kids Ride Race Cars

July 23 Friday 8:00 P.M. Heats and Features for Street Stock, and Pure Stock. Features only for IMCA Modified, IMCA SportMod, IMCA Hobby Stock, Cruisers, Junior Mini Stock, and Twisters. + ASCS Sprint Cars (Lone Star & Gulf South Regions)

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