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Blizzard Race at Pensacola


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The qualifying results from tonight's Blizzard race at Pensacola:





1st 112 Augie Grill 16.656 (Pretty stout in the heat of Summer)

2nd 18 Bubba Pollard 16.737

3rd 10 Paul Kelley 16.819

4th 9 Chase Elliott 16.863

5th 11 David Rogers 16.902

6th 1G Mike Garvey 16.918

7th 10L Johanna Long 16.929

8th 82W Donnie Wilson 16.955

9th 99S Casey Smith 16.993

10th 72 Eddie Mercer 16.994

11th 18M Dave Mader III 17.059

12th 51 Josh Hamner 17.123

13th 21 Brandon Carlson 17.135

14th 2 John Bolen 17.155

15th 41 Chris Davidson 17.164

16th 67 Jeff Fultz 17.242

17th 23 Jeremy Rice 17.305

18th 99 Wayne Niedecken Jr 17.384

19th 49 Ryan Lawler 17.385

20th 29 Allen Karnes 17.600

21st 92 Ron McDonald 00.000

22nd 10B Danny Bagwell 00.000



The top 8 cars will invert, putting former ROMCO Champion Donnie Wilson on the pole.


This is also the first Blizzard race where they will have a competition yellow at lap 50, where they can make minor adjustments, and change TWO tires and keep their spot.

This is to help the smaller teams who do not have 7 people to go over the wall on hot pit stops.

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Half way: lap 2 yellow been green since.

Wilson had a big gap early fell back to 3rd.

Elliot leads augie caught him when they got to lap 50 they have been the best 2 cars

Lawlers car a bit off is down a few laps. Davidson just lost a lap before the yellow this long green run hurt him.

Casey solid in the top 10.

See who makes their car better after the brake.

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Thanks for the updates, Brad.


I will be joining the gang in Bandera tomorrow; it may take that town awhile to recover............................

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The results, pending tech..............


1st 112 Augie Grill

2nd 9 Chase Elliott

3rd 99S Casey Smith

4th 18 Bubba Pollard

5th 1 Mike Garvey

6th 10L Johanna Long

7th 2 John Bolen

8th 21 Brandon Carlson

9th 11 David Rogers

10th 51 Josh Hamner

11th 82W Donnie Wilson

12th 10K Paul Kelley

13th 72 Eddie Mercer

14th 41 Chris Davidson

15th 67 Jeff Fultz

16th 99 Wayne Niedecken

17th 92 Ron McDonald

18th 49 Ryan Lawler

19th 23 Jeremy Rice

20th 18M Dave Mader III

21st 29 Allen Karnes

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