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360 Motorsports has put up additional purse money for the Modifieds, so lets see what we can do with the car count and put on a good show. These are the cars that have confirmed for Sat. night.


No. 9 - The Jet

No. 7 - The Godfather

No. 13 - Mr. Webster

No. 5 - The Seeley

No. 39 - The Wildman

No. 88 - The Other Brother Larry

No. 33 - Morman

No. 3 - Mike Williams

No. 82 - Pat Kinsey

No. 8 - Jime Nides

No. 1 - Art Kunzeman

No 10 - Robert Walton


No. 97 - ?

No. 26 - ?

No. 42 - ?

No. 15 - ?


Ok Mr. Umscheid how about it? We have been supporting you at the Kyle races. Can you come out to play?


How about you H? I know you want to try out that new crate motor, because you have already pulled the lead off of your car.


And would somebody please take the beer away from Big John so he will finish the black beast?


Come on guys, with a 14 car count it means we are racing for $1,000 to win.

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I really appreciate you and your clan that you bring to thr. Im sorry but my work schedule makes it difficult to race out of town. Not saying it couldnt happen but i was raised to only try to do things 100%. If i made an attempt it would be halfway and it wouldnt do my dads or raymonds hard work justice. I know it doesnt seem fair for me to ask for you to support thr and then im not at hmp. Im sorry and hopefully you understand.



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