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Brooklyn Raceway "The Figure Eight Capital of the World"

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Brooklyn Raceway "The Figure Eight Capital of the World"


We finally completed the 4th Extreme Dirt Racing Series race on Saturday, the 19th. The track workers rolled the dirt surface for about eight hours but with 11 inches of rain in 8 days, it was just too much water to get a hard track. The drivers and track workers had to battle poor surface conditions all night long. With 86 Race Teams present and extremely hard driving the crowd boasted of some of the best racing action they have seen. Another very large crowd saw a lot of damage to cars in all classes. With this much action, some drivers tempers flared, (this really got the crowd going). Next week we lead into mid-season already. Make sure to join us next Saturday night, June 26 for Central Iowa Concrete Night. Hot Laps start at 6:15 p.m. & racing at 7:00 p.m. for more information long onto www.thebrooklynraceway.com. Results from the 19th are as follows:




Feature Winners




A Main


1. 43 – Wade King


2. 69 – Chad Kinzebach


3. 45 – Justin Wacha






A Main


1. 7R – Bill Roush


2. 10X – Marvin Housely


3. 79 – Luke Archer






A Main


1. 59 – Jason Hall/Tony Roth


2. 28 – Brent Brase/Matt Appleton


3. 67 – Bill Roush/Rick Roush








A Main


1. 4 – Chris Hash


2. 76 – Don Wauters


3. 24 – Butch Lester






A Main


1. 17 – Rick Kriegel


2. 39X – Ed Kasperbauer


3. 66 – Rick Roush




A Main


1. 39X – Ed Kasperbauer


2. 49 – Don Wauters


3. 17 – Rod Byers




A Main


1. 41 – Dan Henning


2. 76 – Brad Comegys


3. 11B – Ben Woods




Archie and Sally Kuntz


Brooklyn Raceway "The Figure Eight Capital of the World"



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