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Belated Congrats to Gavin Boyett and Chad Malin


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In the last truck race at Thunderhill, 14 year old Gavin Boyett with crew chief Chad Malin and truck owner, Tony Boyett placed his first 2nd place finish in what was, in this proud momma's opinion, an inarguably adventurous trek to be chasing down the front runner when they ran out of laps. Even with a contact penalty to the rear, Boyett managed to use the limited laps to eek out a 2nd place in only his 4th start in the truck series.


As always, Crew Chief Chad Malin tweaked on the truck until he had it fast and racey. We are always impressed at his last minute changes that make the difference and how he always pulls the rabbit out of the hat.


Great job to both!!!


Can't wait to see the truck back out in July!! Makin' us proud!!



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