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Tillison Tames Amarillo in NCRA Mod South

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Tillison Tames Amarillo in NCRA Mod South




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 12, 2010 – Amarillo, Texas - Chalk one up for one of the series regulars and yet another new driver in victory lane as Thomas Tillison, Jr. led wire to wire to pick up his first career O’Reilly/NCRA modified south feature victory Saturday night as the series made an appearance at the beautiful Route 66 Motor Speedway in Amarillo, Texas.


By virtue of earning the most passing points by starting fifth and winning his heat race, Tillison, Jr. started on the pole for the thirty lap feature and quickly set a torrid pace on the rest of the field. Outside front row starter Logan Cabbell, Neil Debort, Zach Gossett and Danny Davis were your top five as Tillison, Jr. quickly opened up a six car length advantage.


Lap six saw the Chandler, Oklahoma driver use the low side of the track to open up a strong half stretch lead while Debord got past Cabbell for the runner up position. The first caution of the night fell when Matt French clipped the tractor tire entering turn one.


The restart was much the same as the closing of the field behind him was no factor as Tillison, Jr. and his Brand Racing Engines powered Taylor by Shaw once gain put distance on the rest of the field.


But the leaders cruise would be shortened just one more time on lap thirteen when reigning series champion Gene Weaver, who had worked his way up to seventh from his eighteenth starting position, clipped the tractor tire exiting turn two and spun to a stop.


On the final restart there was still no catching Tillison, Jr. has he went the rest of the race unchallenged to claim a dominating victory aboard the U.S. Cellular/WT Racing LLC. sponsored Taylor/Shaw chassis. “This was one of those nights where we unloaded the car and didn’t have to make any changes,” said Tillison, Jr. “It is real nice to make the trip this far out and not only picking up the victory for me but for NCRA as well. This is one real nice facility and really fun to race on.” With the victory, Tillison, Jr. became the ninth different feature winner in the ten races held in the modified south two year history.


Nathan Bischel brought the runner up position home for the locals, working his way up from his seventh starting position. Current series points leader Mickey Lassiter of Piedmont, Oklahoma finished third followed by Debord and Dee Gossett, who worked his way up from his seventeenth starting position.


Heat races for the thirty-three car field were won by Tillison, Jr., Logan Cabbell, Zach Gossett and Danny Davis while Jeremy Gossett topped the twelve lap “B” main honors.


The next appearance and race number six will take place on Saturday night, June 26, as the series makes their first ever appearance at Creek County Speedway in Kellyville, Oklahoma.


A Feature: 1) Thomas Tillison, Jr. 2) Nathan Bischel 3) Mickey Lassiter 4 )Neil Debord 5) Dee Gossett 6) Alan Sharpensteen 7) Braden Woods 8) Cam Case 9) Randy Reeser 10) Colt Goodman 11) Derek Scott 12) Chad Davis 13) Alan Oliva 14) Jim Pearcy 15) Zach Gossett 16) Jason Hilliard 17) Jeremy Gossett 18) Gene Weaver 19) Logan Cabbell 20) Danny Davis 21) Chris Cole 22) Dusty Robbins 23) Matt French 24) Matt Newkirk


B Feature: 1) Jeremy Gossett 2) Dee Gossett 3) Gene Weaver 4) Braden Woods 5) Colt Goodman 6) Dusty Robbins 7) Jim Pearcy 8) Jason Hilliard 9) Randy Reeser 10) Rob Layton 11) Randy Heston 12) Ryan Dairymple 13) Mike Stroud 14) Joel Hill 15) Edmond Munoz 16) Clay Bischel DNS: Conner Pullen


1st Heat: 1) Thomas Tillison, Jr. 2) Derek Scott 3) Mickey Lassiter 4) Chad Davis 5) Brandon Woods 6) Clay Bischell 7) Dee Gossett 8) Joel Hill DNS: Rob Layton


2nd Heat: 1) Logan Cabbell 2) Neil Debord 3) Matt Newkirk 4) Mike Stroud 5) Cam Case 6) Colt Goodman 7) Jason Hilliard 8) Ryan Dairymple


3rd Heat: 1) Zach Gossett 2) Alan Sharpensteen 3) Matt French 4) Jeremy Gossett 5) Conner Pullen 6) Randy Reeser 7) Randy Heston 8) Gene Weaver


4th Heat: 1) Danny Davis 2) Nathan Bischell 3) Alan Oliva 4) Chris Cole 5) Jim Pearcy 6) Dusty Robbins 7) Edward Munoz DNS: Nick Henson


Contingency Awards:


The Joie of Seating 2nd Place – N. Bischel


Saldana Racing Products 2nd Place – N. Bischel


Rod End Supply 3rd Place – Lassiter


Hooker Harness 8th Place – Case


C&E Performance 12th Place - Davis

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