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Shady Oaks Speedway results/recaps 5/22/10

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Shady Oaks Speedway, 5/22/10

By J M Hallas


Goliad, Tx.,(May 22nd, 2010) Shady Oaks Speedway hosted it's 5th regular race of the season despite having nearly a complete washout of the track over the past weekend. Due to help of many, including the Kunkel family(Kenneth, Darrell, Alan), even six inches of rain couldn't stop the show from going on. The heavy rains washed most of the racing surface to the infield but man and machine had the 1/3 mile, semi-banked clay oval ready to roll come race time.


The evening also featured the return of track owner/promoter Jim Scribellito who was seriously injured last year in a Dwarf Car flip and recently had to return to hospital after complications in his recovery.


The racing action provided lots of excitement for the fans with several classes having the feature winners determined on the last lap, including the hotly contested Modified A-main. The track surface provided for some tricky condition with dry slick in and out of the corners, but bite in the middle and on the straightaways.


Hardcastle Hustles to Mod Main Win

As green waved on the 12-lap Modified main Dustin Brandl jumped out front with Nick Hardcastle and Kenneth Densman in pursuit. Dale Flanagan got past Densman on lap 1 for third, but slid off the back stretch giving the spot back and falling to sixth. As Brandl and Hardcastle eased away, Flanagan made up time retaking third on lap 3. Yellow waved on the third circuit after points leader Jason Borlace went around after contact with Vince Kacir, who was sent to the tail.


When green came out again Hardcastle took a look low on Brandl in turns 1-2. USMTS competitor and Rookie of the Year points leader Rory Jordan got by Densman on lap 4 for fourth. Yellow waved again on lap 5 for debris in turn 4. Back under green, Flanagan got under Hardcastle with the two running wheel to wheel on lap 6 until caution came out for Densman who found the front stretch wall. Borlace was black-flagged for the contact ending both their nights.


On the restart Flanagan got inside Brandl taking the led on lap 7 followed by Hardcastle and Jordan. Flanagan had a bad push coming off turn 4 that allowed Hardcastle to get the nose inside on lap 8. That action continued with the two battling it out for the win. Coming to the white flag Flanagan again pushed off turn 4 and this time Hardcastle seized the opportunity sneaking by on the last lap and taking the win in the Dubs Garage, Ace Machine powered, Skyrocket Chassis.


“I really don't know what happened,” said a surprised Hardcastle. “I think he(Flanagan) pushed up a little bit. The problem I was having was every time I got under him I'd push up too. Then he pushed and it was just a drag race. It's good thing there was only one lap left I don't how many more I could go without spinning out.”


“This track was real tough because it was hooked up in the straightaways and you'd get a lot of speed. Once you got into the corners it just wouldn't hold.”



94 Nick Hardcastle

57 Dale Flanagan

00x Dustin Brandl

7x Rory Jordan

155 Vince Kacir

16 Michael Densman

90E Stan Eastty

21 Jason Borlace

5T Tommy Warner---DNS



Modified heat

94 Nick Hardcastle

57 Dale Flanagan

21 Jason Borlace

7x Rory Jordan

00x Dustin Brandl

16 Kenneth Densman

155 Vince Kacir

5T Tommy Warner

90E Stan Eastty



Malcher Motors to Limited Modified Main Checkers

The 20-lap Limited Modified main saw Vince Kacir lead into turn 1, but Wesley Malcher got the point to lead lap 1 with Kacir, Brian Brooks, Andy VanBlarcum and Mickey Helms falling in line. Jacob Burnett brought out an early yellow when he broke and rolled to a stop near the pit exit. It was nearly three wide for the lead as the green waved again, but Chis Bowen and Ruben Montes tangled on the back stretch.


Finally back to racing Malcher got a better start, while Kacir gave up second to Brooks and third to VanBlarcum. Helms was next to put Kacir back a spot getting fourth on lap 4. Just as Brooks reeled in Malcher for the lead Victor Lindsey and Kacir made contact sending Kacir into the wall before turn 1. On the restart VanBlarcum got past Brooks for second, while Lindsey got by Helms for fourth.


Helms and Lindsey continued to swap the spot while VanBlarcum looked for a way under Malcher for the lead. VanBlarcum lost some ground on lap 7 falling into the clutches of Lindsey. Lindsey spun trying to get by VanBlarcum but was able to continue. At halfway it was Malcher, VanBlarcum, Brooks, Helms and Lindsey in the top five. Malcher had eased away to half straightaway lead when yellow waved for a spin by Bowen.


Malcher got away clean on the restart while Brooks and VanBlarcum swapped second. Montes and Bowen found themselves together again, but both motored on without caution. Brooks slipped over the turn 2 hill giving second to Helms. As the white was shown, Malcher had built his advantage again over points leader Helms as he easily scored the win driving the B&A Foreign Car Repair, Supreme Vacuum Service, B&W Bodies, Graphics by Buck, RRC Chassis.


“We're just moving forward after my rollover in Pleasanton,” commented Malcher. “You just have to forget everything that happened there. I wasn't really worried about where Mickey(Helms) or the other guys were. I was just worried about holding on for the win.”


Limited Modifieds

771 Wesley Malcher

21 Mickey Helms

15 Andy VanBlarcum

25 Brian Brooks

156 Chris Bowen

175 Victor Lindsey

47 Ruben Motes

155 Vince Kacir

04 Jacob Burnett

100 Leland Frautschi--DNS

8B Lary Paris---DNS



Limited Modified heats

Heat #1

25 Brian Brooks

15 Andy Van Blarcum

771 Wesley Malcher

156 Chris Bowen

8B Lary Paris

100 Leland Frautschi--rolled over


Heat #2

21 Mickey Helms

175 Victor Lindsey

155 Vince Kacir

47 Ruben Motes

04 Jacob Burnett




The Late Model feature saw Michael Wagner get out front at the start, but spin himself out in turn 4. This put Randy Kacir on the point as he led on the restart. ML. Wagner then chased Kacir throughout the event getting past at the end for the win.


Late Models

18 Michael Wagner

27 Randy Kacir

9 Mitch Wagner



Late Model Heat winner; 27 Randy Kacir



The Super Stock feature turned into a brutal battle of attrition and carnage that had trouble even getting started. On the first try Daniel Waer grabbed the lead but a mid-pack stack up caused Leland Waddell to go around and collect Eric Floyd. “Second verse, same as the first” as Waer again took the point, Mark Gavlik and Mike Lieta tangled before completing a lap. Even the third time wasn't a charm as Leo Hinojosa got the lead but a multi-car melee in turn 4 slowed the action again.


Finally under way on the fourth attempt with Waer leading and Hinojosa getting by Bo Beckner for second. Hinojosa, using the high side, got around Waer to take the the lead on lap 2. Lap 4 saw caution wave for a spin by Chris Brock, with Beckner spinning to miss him. Hinojosa jumped out on the restarted and began pulling away. Hinojosa, in the Quality Power Wash, Fast Fleet Service, Exide Batteries, Wrights Collision, sponsored car cruised to the win as the race was shortened due to time limit.


Super Stock

7 Leo Hinojosa

68x Joby Pasley

3 Abraham Mares

10 Chris Brock

04 Dustin Youngblood

75 Bo Beckner

00 Daniel Waer

28 Leland Waddell

24x Mike Lieta

67 Mark Gavlik

26 Eric Floyd



Super Stock heat winners; 7 Leo Hinojosa, 28 Leland Waddell



The evenings final event was the always exciting and competitive, 22-car, 20-lap Street Stock feature. David Bruns beat Chris Shafer into turn 1, but Shafer got inside down the backstretch to lead lap 1. Bruns, points leader Stephan Danielson, Adam Perks and Nicholas Moore sorted out behind Shafer. After a quick yellow on lap 2 Danielson got by both Bruns and Shafer for the top spot on lap 3. Shafer went around in turn 4 collecting Bruns to bring out a yellow.


Perks was initially charged with contact on Shafer, but in a show of sportsmanship Shafer told officials that he was solely at fault clearing Perks. Danielson got away clean on the restart with three wide racing for fifth. Perks spun coming off turn and backed down the track as other scattered to avoid him. Since Perks never actually stopped, and another car spun in turn 2 he wasn't charged with the yellow and again got his spot back for the restart.


On the restart John Lieta spun and collected Brandon Moore in turn 2. Finally back to racing N. Moore was taking a look low on Danielson for the lead, while Perks slipped and fell back in the pack. The race was red flagged briefly for a small fire under the hood of Kevin Hyland on lap 7. Due to a midnight curfew officials shortened the race to five laps to go. Once back to green, Danielson edged ahead of N. Moore with Kevin Willms and Tony Blankenship door to door for third while Lieta and Charlie Henley ran side by side for fifth.


As Danielson and N. Moore continued to head the pack the two battles for third and fifth continued on. Willms finally secured third with Blankenship now being challenged by Lieta for fourth. Up front N. Moore couldn't get close enough to pressure the points leader, Danielson on the final lap as he rolled on to the victory in the Paul Swoyer Contracting & Septic, Hill Country Fireplaces, Diamond D Painting, Hill Country Home Renovations, Spreen Race Engines, Swenson Race Chassis.


“Patience!” explained Danielson. “Being able to run around the bottom. The top was just to dry and too slick. I knew if anyone was going to pass me it would have to be on the bottom so I was going to make them use the other line.”


“You just have to slow down on a slick track like this and run about half speed. It's a totally different style of racing. You have to be slow, patient and use the throttle like you have a egg under it. Try to keep the car straight and not break the tires loose.”


Street Stocks

149 Stephan Danielson

50 Kevin Willms

24 John Lieta

1x Adam Perks

97 Daniel Youngblood

107 Charlie Henley

58 Matthew Hoss

46 Garland Gloor

22 Michale Pesek

2-2 Patricia Lucas

26H James Hoss

21x Jason Fox

35 Tony Blankenship

55 Lauren Chamberlain

72 Kevin Hyland

220 Mike Horelka

89 Brandon Moore

77 Chris Shafer

23 David Bruns

69 Alan Kunkel

26K Matthew Konvicka

1m Nicholas Moore---DQ(light)

89F Matt Farris---DNS


Street Stock heat winners; 149 Stephan Danielson, 1M Nicholas Moore, 77 Chris Shafer



The Farm Truck feature saw Christie Cope get the early lead with Rick Brandl getting by Darrell Kunkel for second. As Cope and R. Brandl battled for the lead they hooked bumpers and lost several spots before getting separated. This gave the lead to Kunkel with Ricky Brandl and points leader Carlton Albrecht side by side for second. Albrecht was looking inside Kunkel for the lead when he spun in turn 2 bringing out a yellow on lap 5.


Back under green R. Brandl kept the pressure on Kunkel for the lead. The two traded some paint on lap 7 as they fought coming out of turn 2. R. Brandl put the bumper on Kunkel with Kunkel then slamming the door on R, Brandl. On the last lap R. Brandl got into the quarter panel of Kunkel sending him around in turn 2. R. Brandl came to line only to see the black flag waving instead of the checkers. Albrecht thought he had stolen the win, but a check of scoring had him losing a lap during his spin with the victory going John Valenta.


Farm Trucks

26 John Valenta

25x Jordan Glass

01 Christie Cope

64 TJ Ross

81x Joe Johnson

27 Carlton Albrecht

79 Darrell Kunkel

00 Rick Brandl

26x John Bonneau

126 Ricky Brandl


Farm Truck heat winner; 126 Ricky Brandl



Justin Sickle led the way at the start of the Mini Stock feature race with Matthew Friedel, Cameron Smith and Ashley perks in pursuit. Justin Albrecht brought out the yellow on lap 4 after contact with the front stretch wall. After the restart Friedel challenged Sickle but got hung by slower traffic. As Friedel and Sickle battled for the lead Friedel had a tire go down and Perks spun on the back stretch.


Sickle pulled off under yellow handing the lead to Smith for the restart. Christopher Burnett got by Tyler Dvorak on the restart with Perks quickly moving back up to third. In the final laps Dvorak and Burnett gave up spots to Perks while Smith was first to the checkers. Smith was originally disqualified for have a V-6 giving the win to Perks. After further evaluation the DQ was rescinded and both Perks and Smith were awarded wins and trophies.


Mini Stock

13 Cameron Smith**

12 Ashley Perks**

10 Tyler Dvorak

27 Ethan Hoover

175a Austin Gearhardt

24 Christopher Burnett

21 Damien Davis

03 Justin Sickle

9 Matthew Friedel

23 Justin Albrecht

8 Sarah Konvicka

**Both Smith and Perks were awarded wins/trophies




Mini Stock heat winners; 03 Justin Sickle, 12 Ashley Perks



Brice Baros grabbed the early lead in the 12-lap Dwarf Car feature with Joseph Snow quickly up to second. Snow closed in on Baros getting the top spot on lap 2. Baros put crossover move on Snow to retake the point on lap 3, while points leader Brad Wright made his way to third. Aaron Lunsford brought out a yellow on lap 4 when he looped it in turn 4.


On the restart Baros got a good jump with B. Wright taking second from Snow. B. Wright then got by Baros coming off turn 2 for the lead on lap 6. B. Wright then cruised ahead while Snow and Baros swapped second. At the checkers it was B. Wright with a safe lead in the Magic Industries, Pro Chassis snagging the victory.


“It took a lot patience,” replied B. Wright. “I just had slow down a little bit and get into the corners slow.”


Dwarf Car

1 Brad Wright

01 Joseph Snow

99 Brice Baros

66 Douglas Wright

0ya Aaron Lunsford

28 John Drexler

2ez Easy Casey---DNS

65 Buck McFarlin---DNS

82 Brandon Dorsey---DNS

8up Donny Yarborough---DNS



Dwarf Car heat winner; 1 Brad Wright



In the debut of the Quad Runner class, Andrew(no last name given) rebounded from being launched off his mount in the heat race to lead every lap of the feature. Dwarf Car driver, John Drexler worked his way up to second but never got close enough to pose a threat to Andrew at the finish.


Quad Runners

7 Andrew ???

XX John Drexler

53 Scott Beyer

21 Guy Barnett

70 Tom Davidson



Quad Runner heat winner; 21 Guy Barnett

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