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Live updates from Shady Oaks Spedway 5/22/10

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I'll do the best I can with updates....May not be as up-to-the-minute as usual since I'll be multi-tasking tonight as fill in announcer, plus taking notes during the features and my able-bodied helper :) had to work tonight......But I'll get y'all updated as my time permits......


Drivers meeting underway....Go-Karts have run their heats ......and we're looking for good night of racing....

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Street Stocks

149 Stephan Danielson

50 Kevin Willms

24 John Lieta

1x Adam Perks

97 Daniel Youngblood

107 Charlie Henley

58 Matthew Hoss

46 Garl;and Gloor

22 Michale Pesek

2-2 Patricia Lucas

26H James Hoss

21x Jason Fox

35 Tony Blankenship

55 Lauren Chambelain

72 Kevin Hyland

220 Mike Horelka

89 Brandon Moore

77 Chris Shafer

23 David Bruns

69 Alan Kunkel

26K Matthew Konvicka

1m Nicholas Moore---DQ(Light)

89F Matt Farris---DNS

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