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Just to let you know when I find a small airless paint rig we are painting the guard rail white inside and out of the track and anything or anybody that does move fast enough. also we will nail up the forms this weekend for the tech pad if we can decide which way and where to put it . still adding sound walls . have several people that are locating their pit spots and will be puting up forms for their pit pad. decsions decsions . we are trying to mount a pto driven water pump on water truck and will try out our new honda water pump. will be looking at two full modifieds this weekend to figure out how to mount mufflers My grand son will get his frist try out to drive a sprinter for me .this weekend . he has to get his mufflers on frist . some have asked several times so we will have the barbaque pit in the pits I have some mesquite wood and charcol.. several wanted to know I think we have someone to watch it man what a job. bring ice and drinks :P:P:P may be a hot one .I have four boxes of roll bar pading several colors that I need to sell .also two new raceing seat covers .20.00 each I have a bad boy alumi, head fuel injected, dry sumped ,with pumps ,mag complete motor raced onc and run two 10 lap practse sesions for a first time driver motor is a real nice peice need to sell for money to buy scoring swstem for track etc. etc. etc. Thanks thats all folks Wayne

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