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1st Annual Kelly Sheen Memorial Challenge @ Abilene Spwy. 5/29/10

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From Abilene Speedway....


Abilene Speedway is proud to host the 1st annual Kelly Sheen Memorial Challenge Saturday May 29th, thanks to a group of fine sponsor and friends of Kelly, the money is still rolling in. The IMCA Stock Cars and IMCA Sport Mods are the primary classes for the event, along with the IMCA Mods and IMCA Hobbys, Street Stocks, Pures and Jr Minis. The purse can still change for the better but this is the minimum that is will be.


IMCA Stock cars, No Entry, plus a DRAW RE DRAW.

1000, 250,200,200,175, 6-10 75 11-20 40


IMCA Sport Mods No Entry, plus a DRAW RE DRAW.

1000,275,225,200,175, 6-10 75 11-20 40


IMCA Modifieds points Avg.

500,300,200,200,5-10,75 11-20 50


IMCA Hobbys points Avg.



Street stocks

275 to win.


Stock Cars $100 Hard charger and $100 for first car knocked out of feature.


This is the sponsors we have so far, Alaron Energy, Fletcher Motorsports, Showtime Signs, WTRR, Jim Thorp, Cody Kays, Sheen & Son Race craft.


We have had some more donations, Mesquite Hills MX $100 for a mystery spot in Sport Mod A and Big Dog Motor Sports will give $50.00 in fuel to the 9th place Stock car driver. Braka Operating will give $100.00 for two lucky spectators by ticket drawing.


If you have any question or want to make a donation call me 325-725-3849 or www.abilenespeedway.com

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Updated purse with more sponsors coming onboard....


1St Annual Kelly Sheen Memorial at Abilene Speedway May 29th. I want to thank all the frends and racers that have stepped up to donate money for this race, it is going to be a big night of racing so dont miss it,


Draw Redraw I Stocks

1000, 400, 350, 250, 200, 6-10th 100, 11-20th 60.


Draw Redraw Sport Mods

1000, 500, 300, 200, 175, 6-10th $75... with 2 mystery spots for 100, 11-20th $40.. mystery spot 100.00.


Hobbys ASW Avg.

300, 130, 120, 110, 90, 75.


There will still be some money added in at the track.

call for info 325-725-3849

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