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Bike Safety


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Some of you may not be aware that the month of May is bicycle safety month. My Sponsors, Time Warner Cable Business Class, Time Warner Cable Central Texas OnDemand and Uniforms Inc have put together 4 bike safety tip spots that are now airing on Central Texas OnDemand (Channel 1400 on Time Warner in Austin and Channel 200 in Waco). Please take a moment to show your kids these safety spots. As we head into summer there will be more and more kids on bikes and these safety spots can help keep them safe. Let me know your thoughts on the spots and if there is anything we can do to make them better in the future.


Time Warner Cable Channel 1400 (Austin) Channel 200 (Waco)

Go under the General Section

Choose Bike Safety Tip #1 or Tip #2



Jeff O'Neill

#28 TSRS Late Model


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