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Marshalltown(Ia) Speedway results 5/7/10

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Marshalltown Speedway




Dwarf Cars 5/7/2010


A MAIN:1. Mike Morrill (Altoona, IA), 2. Josh May (De Soto, IA), 3. Eric Hendrickson (Ankeny, Ia), 4. Randy Bryan (Story City, IA), 5. Tim Hennigar (Clarion, IA), 6. Colby Oberembt, 7. James May (De Soto, IA), 8. Tom Schnabel (Yorkville, il), 9. Cory Sonner, 10. Rick Taylor (Ames, Ia), 11. Larry Sorenson (Ames, IA), 12. Mike Kennedy (Boone, IA), 13. Dusty Masolini (Des Moines, IA), 14. Jeff Stensland (Nevada, IA), 15. Travis Stensland (Nevada, Ia), 16. Kevin Grisham (Boone, Ia), 17. Joel Huggins (Pleasant Hill, IA), 18. Tim Sutherland,








HEAT 1:1. Joel Huggins (Pleasant Hill, IA), 2. Eric Hendrickson (Ankeny, Ia), 3. Mike Morrill (Altoona, IA), 4. Randy Bryan (Story City, IA), 5. Travis Stensland (Nevada, Ia), 6. Tim Sutherland, 7. Cory Sonner, 8. Tim Hennigar (Clarion, IA), 9. Larry Sorenson (Ames, IA),








HEAT 2:1. Mike Kennedy (Boone, IA), 2. James May (De Soto, IA), 3. Colby Oberembt, 4. Josh May (De Soto, IA), 5. Jeff Stensland (Nevada, IA), 6. Kevin Grisham (Boone, Ia), 7. Rick Taylor (Ames, Ia), 8. Dusty Masolini (Des Moines, IA), 9. Tom Schnabel (Yorkville, il),




Hobby Stocks 5/7/2010


A MAIN:1. Tyler Pickett, 2. Calvin Dhondt (Kellogg, Ia), 3. Todd Reitzler (Grinnell, IA), 4. Mike Vibbard (Liscomb, IA), 5. Devin Smith (Lake City, IA), 6. Michael Murphy (Jefferson, IA), 7. Donavon Nunniikhoven (Sully, IA), 8. Eric Stanton (Hartford, Ia), 9. Nic Shearer (Des Moines, Ia), 10. Mark Lamer (Haverhill, IA), 11. Jake Nelson (Newton, IA), 12. Josh Saunders (Newton, IA), 13. Tony Cox (Boone, Ia), 14. Eric Larson (Holland, Ia), 15. John Schuring (Newton, IA), 16. Russell Keefer (Albion, IA), 17. Dustin Filloon (Toledo, Ia), 18. Russell Damme, Jr. (Waterloo, IA), 19. Jennifer Hulin (Marshalltown, IA), 20. Matthew Hedspeth (Madrid, Ia), 21. Clint Nelson (Newton, ia), 22. Max Leonard (Ladora, IA), 23. John Clemens, 24. Adam Rickett (Marshalltown, IA),








B-MAIN:1. John Schuring (Newton, IA), 2. Russell Keefer (Albion, IA), 3. Dustin Filloon (Toledo, Ia), 4. John Clemens, 5. Gary Pfantz (State Center, IA), 6. Adam Rickett (Marshalltown, IA), 7. Lance Mitchell (Marshalltown , Ia), 8. Shannon Deppe (Grinnell, ia), 9. Lee Schoff (Lampman, SK),








HEAT 1:1. Eric Stanton (Hartford, Ia), 2. Tony Cox (Boone, Ia), 3. Jake Nelson (Newton, IA), 4. Matthew Hedspeth (Madrid, Ia), 5. Clint Nelson (Newton, ia), 6. Dustin Filloon (Toledo, Ia), 7. Shannon Deppe (Grinnell, ia),








HEAT 2:1. Todd Reitzler (Grinnell, IA), 2. Donavon Nunniikhoven (Sully, IA), 3. Jennifer Hulin (Marshalltown, IA), 4. Michael Murphy (Jefferson, IA), 5. Max Leonard (Ladora, IA), 6. John Schuring (Newton, IA), 7. John Clemens,








HEAT 3:1. Tyler Pickett, 2. Devin Smith (Lake City, IA), 3. Calvin Dhondt (Kellogg, Ia), 4. Nic Shearer (Des Moines, Ia), 5. Russell Damme, Jr. (Waterloo, IA), 6. Lance Mitchell (Marshalltown , Ia), 7. Russell Keefer (Albion, IA),








HEAT 4:1. Eric Larson (Holland, Ia), 2. Mike Vibbard (Liscomb, IA), 3. Josh Saunders (Newton, IA), 4. Mark Lamer (Haverhill, IA), 5. Adam Rickett (Marshalltown, IA), 6. Gary Pfantz (State Center, IA), 7. Lee Schoff (Lampman, SK),




Modifieds 5/7/2010


A MAIN:1. Jimmy Gustin (Marshalltown, IA), 2. Luke Wanninger (Jefferson, IA), 3. David Brown (Kellogg, IA), 4. Todd Conrad (Central City, IA), 5. Ronn Lauritzen (Jesup, IA), 6. Vern Jackson (Waterloo, IA), 7. Josh Gilman (Earlham, IA), 8. Daniel Hilsabeck (Adel, IA), 9. Joe Docekal (Dysart, Ia), 10. Mike Fluegel (Davenport, ), 11. Josh Truman (Indianola, Ia), 12. Andrew Kinser (Marshalltown, IA), 13. Jon Snyder (Ames, IA), 14. Jacobs Waterman, 15. Mike O'Lear (Marshalltown, IA), 16. Joel Bushore (Boone, IA), 17. Jay Schmidt (Tama, IA), 18. Kyle Krampe (Baxter, IA), 19. Nate Caruth (Ames, IA), 20. J.J. Wise (Manly, Ia), 21. Richie Gustin, Jr. (Gilman, IA), 22. Adam Larson (Ames, IA), 23. Brett Ladehoff (Marshalltown, IA), 24. joey galloway (fort frances, ), 25. derrick big eagel (manor sask , ), 26. Denny Rosenberg (Grimes, Ia), 27. Rick Speck (Garwin, IA), 28. Scott Simatovich (State Center, IA),








HEAT 1:1. Josh Gilman (Earlham, IA), 2. Daniel Hilsabeck (Adel, IA), 3. Kyle Krampe (Baxter, IA), 4. Jacobs Waterman, 5. joey galloway (fort frances, ), 6. Mike O'Lear (Marshalltown, IA), 7. Adam Larson (Ames, IA),








HEAT 2:1. Richie Gustin, Jr. (Gilman, IA), 2. Jon Snyder (Ames, IA), 3. Todd Conrad (Central City, IA), 4. David Brown (Kellogg, IA), 5. derrick big eagel (manor sask , ), 6. Denny Rosenberg (Grimes, Ia), 7. Rick Speck (Garwin, IA),








HEAT 3:1. Josh Truman (Indianola, Ia), 2. Jimmy Gustin (Marshalltown, IA), 3. J.J. Wise (Manly, Ia), 4. Brett Ladehoff (Marshalltown, IA), 5. Ronn Lauritzen (Jesup, IA), 6. Andrew Kinser (Marshalltown, IA), 7. Scott Simatovich (State Center, IA),








HEAT 4:1. Luke Wanninger (Jefferson, IA), 2. Nate Caruth (Ames, IA), 3. Joel Bushore (Boone, IA), 4. Jay Schmidt (Tama, IA), 5. Joe Docekal (Dysart, Ia), 6. Mike Fluegel (Davenport, ), 7. Vern Jackson (Waterloo, IA),




SportMods 5/7/2010


A MAIN:1. Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa, Ia), 2. Jake Strayer (Newton, Ia), 3. Geoff Olson (Ames, Ia), 4. Scott Davis (Boone, IA), 5. Eric Flander (Barnes City, IA), 6. Tyler Droste, 7. Chad Louk (Jefferson, Ia), 8. Fred Leytham, 9. Zach Rawlins (Kellogg, IA), 10. Jayme Duinink (Pella, Ia), 11. Shawn Simatovich (Marshalltown, IA), 12. Lauren Vis (LeGrand, Ia), 13. Miles Shelman (Ames, Ia), 14. Ryan Ashton (Beaman, IA), 15. Jared VanDeest (Grundy Center, Ia), 16. Shawn Hunter (Zearing, Ia), 17. Cody Moore (Marshalltown, IA), 18. Gaitlin Leytham (Garwin, Ia), 19. Eric Elliott (Boone, IA), 20. Neil Follett (Conrad, IA), 21. Brad Iverson (Grinnell, IA), 22. Ryan Engelkes (Dike, IA), 23. Kyle Brown (Kellogg, IA), 24. Scott Durlin (State Center, IA), 25. Zac Becker (Waterloo, IA), 26. Herbie Wilson (Marshalltown, ia), 27. Brett Moffitt (Grimes, IA),








HEAT 1:1. Brad Iverson (Grinnell, IA), 2. Fred Leytham, 3. Shawn Hunter (Zearing, Ia), 4. Eric Flander (Barnes City, IA), 5. Ryan Ashton (Beaman, IA), 6. Cody Moore (Marshalltown, IA), 7. Kyle Brown (Kellogg, IA),








HEAT 2:1. Scott Davis (Boone, IA), 2. Tyler Droste, 3. Miles Shelman (Ames, Ia), 4. Lauren Vis (LeGrand, Ia), 5. Shawn Simatovich (Marshalltown, IA), 6. Chad Louk (Jefferson, Ia), 7. Zach Rawlins (Kellogg, IA),








HEAT 3:1. Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa, Ia), 2. Geoff Olson (Ames, Ia), 3. Gaitlin Leytham (Garwin, Ia), 4. Eric Elliott (Boone, IA), 5. Jayme Duinink (Pella, Ia), 6. Scott Durlin (State Center, IA), 7. Herbie Wilson (Marshalltown, ia),








HEAT 4:1. Brett Moffitt (Grimes, IA), 2. Neil Follett (Conrad, IA), 3. Jake Strayer (Newton, Ia), 4. Ryan Engelkes (Dike, IA), 5. Jared VanDeest (Grundy Center, Ia), 6. Zac Becker (Waterloo, IA),




Stock Cars 5/7/2010


A MAIN:1. Travis Shipman (Mason City, IA), 2. Trent Murphy (Jefferson, IA), 3. Michael Jaennette (Newton, IA), 4. Tommy Thompson (Marshalltown, IA), 5. Dustin Smith (Lake City, IA), 6. Robbie Merkle (Buckingham, Ia), 7. Steve Meyer (Grundy Center, IA), 8. matt fox (paton, ia), 9. Joe Luethje (Zearing, IA), 10. Jeff Wollam (Marshalltown, IA), 11. John Emerson (Waterloo, Ia), 12. Donny Bourcher (Marshalltown, Ia), 13. Rick Brown (Kellogg, IA), 14. Nathan Wood, 15. Clayton Deppe (Kellogg, IA), 16. Seth Bowen (Ames, Ia), 17. Tracy Gienger (Newton, IA), 18. Leroy Staub (Newton, IA), 19. Dave Atcher (Marshalltown, IA), 20. Andy Bryant (Clemons, IA),








HEAT 1:1. Clayton Deppe (Kellogg, IA), 2. Tommy Thompson (Marshalltown, IA), 3. Dustin Smith (Lake City, IA), 4. Robbie Merkle (Buckingham, Ia), 5. matt fox (paton, ia), 6. Seth Bowen (Ames, Ia), 7. Nathan Wood,








HEAT 2:1. Tracy Gienger (Newton, IA), 2. Travis Shipman (Mason City, IA), 3. Michael Jaennette (Newton, IA), 4. Dave Atcher (Marshalltown, IA), 5. Donny Bourcher (Marshalltown, Ia), 6. Andy Bryant (Clemons, IA), 7. Trent Murphy (Jefferson, IA),








HEAT 3:1. Rick Brown (Kellogg, IA), 2. Jeff Wollam (Marshalltown, IA), 3. Steve Meyer (Grundy Center, IA), 4. John Emerson (Waterloo, Ia), 5. Joe Luethje (Zearing, IA), 6. Leroy Staub (Newton, IA),

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Fans still came out to watch the races on Friday night with unusually cool weather and lots of wind. For the fans that did tough out the weather, they got entertained with awesome racing and double features in the Modifieds and Hobby Stocks.


In the first make up feature for the Modifeds we already had 3 laps completed and Joel Bushore continued to lead to start the evening off. Bushore would lead through lap 7 when Luke Wanninger would take the lead and take it the distance to pick up his first win in a modified at Marshalltown. Bushore finished 2nd, Richie Gustin 3rd and Jimmy Gustin rounded off the top 4.


The Hobby Stock feature was a wild one as Clint Nelson lead the first 3 laps and then things turned south for Nelson and he pulled in while leading. Matt Hudspeth then inherited the lead and paced the field until lap 10 when Devin Smith made his move on the inside of turn 2 and lead the rest of the way. Michael Murphy got 2nd, Hudspeth in 3rd and Josh Saunders finished 4th.


The Modlite Dwarf Cars started things off with an 8 car pileup in turn 1 after taking the green, most of the cars drove away. After taking the next green Randy Bryan would race out to the early lead and lead the first half of the race and then Mike Morrill pulled a slide job on Bryan off of turn 4 on lap 7 and would lead the rest of the way. Josh May took 2nd, Eric Hendrickson 3rd and Randy Bryan 4th. Heat race winners were Joel Huggins and Mike Kennedy.


Gatlin Leytham led the first 6 laps in the Sport Mod feature. Leytham had lots of competition as the race had 5 yellow flags. On lap 7 Brett Moffitt worked around the high side of Leytham and would lead the rest of the way. The 13 would be disqualified in post race tech for an illegal carburetor spacer. Cayden Carter would get his second straight win, Jake Strayer 2nd, Geoff Olson 3rd and Scott Davis stormed back to the front after being involved in an early caution to take 4th. Brad Iverson, Scott Davis, Cayden Carter and Brett Moffitt each won their heat race.


The Stock Cars saw Tommy Thompson celebrate his birthday by leading for the first 3 laps and then Travis Shipman would make the pass and lead the last 15 laps of the event to pick up his first career win at the Marshalltown Speedway. Trent Murphy continued to run upfront and finished 2nd, Michael Jeannette got 3rd and Tommy Thompson finished 4th. Heat race winners were Clay Deppe, Tracy Gienger and Rick Brown.


The Modifieds saw Jimmy Gustin lead the feature from flag to flag while running the top side. Canada native Joey Galloway went for a wild ride on the front stretch and walked away. Luke Wanninger capped off his night with a solid 2nd place finish, David Brown 3rd and Todd Conrad 4th. Heat Race winners were Josh Gilman, Richie Gustin, Josh Truman and Luke Wanninger.


In the final event of the evening we saw another first time winner at the Marshalltown Speedway, this time in the Hobby Stocks. Tyler Pickett would lead the whole entire way to pick up the win, Calvin Dhondt finished 2nd but challenged Pickett the entire way, as he was on the back bumped the entire distance. Todd Reitzler got 3rd and Mike Vibbard 4th. Heat race winners were Eric Stanton, Todd Reitzler, Tyler Pickett and Eric Larson.


Make sure to join us this Friday for the Cliff Chambers Memorial. Hot laps at 645 and racing at 730!

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