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Checked the changes to Tator Plumbing LLM rules?


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We know there are some Limited Late Models gathering dust, but what we don't know is how many Limited Late drivers have checked the rules changes for the Tator Plumbing Limited Late Models at I-37 Raceway.

There are several changes to the 2010 rules, notably a weight reduction to 2,800 pounds, making the three-link rear suspension legal and allowing alcohol fuel.

Quadrajet carburetors are OK, as is the Holley 650 CFM four barrel.

The Tator Plumbing Limited Late Model purse pays $400 to win if at least ten cars are entered, otherwise it drops back to $300 to win.

For all the Limited Late rules as well as the 2010 changes, go to the I-37 Raceway web site, i37raceway.com.

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At one time I know there was discussion wether the Holley 3310 (4 barrel 750 cfm) could be run / would be allowed to be used.

Did anything ever come of that?

I talked to Jim, and he said they had decided before the season to allow 650 CFM only.


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It was my under standing at one of the driver meetings that we could run the 650 and stay at 2800 lbs, or add 300 lbs and run the 750 cfm


There ya go... that's what I had heard was being considered. What ever happened with that?

Its a go as far as i understood when i left the drivers meeting. But I am not the deciding factor, I did hear them say run it if you want to. Just depends on if you want to spend the $$$$$ for everything.

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