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Thunderhill Raceway Schedule of Events

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As you may know, we made a couple of schedule changes for our last (April 24) race, and those changes will remain in effect for our May 8 schedule (shown below).


Following that race, we’ve heard a lot of feedback on the long length of our show, as well as feeling it ourselves! We know we had a few red flag conditions that contributed to the show running very late, but we feel that we’re just trying to run too many races and too many laps. The grandstands started emptying out around 10:30 p.m., and less than half of the fans were still in their seats for the last race, which finished up around midnight.


We don’t want to cut down on the classes that are currently scheduled to run at THR for the rest of year. It’s our goal to provide a place to race for all types of race cars, trucks and karts that want to race with us. But we’re in the entertainment business, and we need to make sure our fans enjoy themselves by seeing a lot of great racing – and yet be able to leave the track at a decent time.


To make sure everyone can continue to race with us while also trying to satisfy the needs of our fans, we’ve made the following changes in our May 8 schedule, as follows:


Race and Qualifying Procedures for Local Classes (Super Stocks, Thunder Stocks and Grand Stocks and Mini Stocks)


  • Heat races will be discontinued, for all classes (local and series). Starting at 4:15 p.m., all classes (and series) will run green-white-checkered qualifying laps. The Qualifying Lineups for the local classes will be determined by reverse point average – no points first, low points next, highest points last. Qualifying points will be awarded, based on the number of cars that qualify. For example, if 13 cars qualify, the fastest qualifier will get 13 points. The 2nd fastest will get 12 points and so on. The fastest qualifier will also get five (5) bonus points. If the track record is broken, an additional five (5) bonus points will be awarded. The current feature point scale will change slightly, with smaller gaps for finishing positions 11 and back (two point intervals). The revised point system is shown below.
  • Some type of inversion will be done on local classes, based on qualifying results. The inversion procedures will be determined and announced at the drivers’ meeting.
  • All local classes will have double-file restarts.

Race and Qualifying Procedures for Series Classes (TSRS Late Models, TSRS Allison Legacys, Pro Modifieds, Pro Trucks, SportMods and Bandoleros)

  • No changes in current qualifying and race procedures, as follows:
  • The Qualifying Lineups for the series classes will remain the same – order of entry in reverse (first to enter is last to qualify). Just as before, five (5) bonus points will be awarded to the fastest qualifier. Five (5) bonus points will also be awarded for breaking the track record. No other points will be given for qualifying. The feature point scale will remain the same, with five (5) bonus points being awarded to the hard charger.
  • No changes will be made in the race starting positions. The Top Six (6) qualifiers will draw for position, and the remaining positions will be determined by the actual qualifying positions, e.g., 7th fastest qualifier will start 7th.
  • The Bandoleros will use their own point system (INEX).
  • The Texas Pro Sedans, Dwarfs and NasKarts will use their own qualifying and starting lineup procedures and point systems.

Other Changes – All Classes and Series


We will also be making a few other changes to keep the show moving, as follows:

  • The total number of feature laps (and time limits) has been reduced in several of the classes.
  • For classes with Scanners: If the restart lineup looks good on the back straightaway, you will come to a green flag.
  • For the classes with Spotters: If the restart lineup looks good on the back straightaway, you will come to a “one lap to go” signal.
  • We will be watching for drivers who purposely wait for the yellow flag before attempting to rejoin the field. Deliberate attempts to draw the yellow flag will be penalized. We will also be looking at the causes for the spinouts, etc. For example, if a driver is obviously spun out by another driver and rejoins the field immediately (no yellow thrown), the driver who is deemed at fault may have position(s) taken away from him/her during the next yellow or at the end of the race.

We realize we’ve made some big changes and have covered a lot of information above. Please take some time to read through the changes. We know that you may not like all of the changes that are being made, but we hope we can count on your cooperation to help us grow THR together . . . and make sure we have a place to race in the future.


We will continue to fine-tune our schedule to give our fans the best “bang for their entertainment buck” – and keep them coming back for more!


“Our last race event had a record attendance of race fans, with great racing action,” commented Mary Ann Naumann about the changes. “However, it was a very long night for everyone, and we must take our fans and families into consideration."


Mary Ann has also asked me to thank each of you for being a part of THR and for working with us to improve what we already have going for us.


Questions concerning race procedures may be directed to Terry Barden, THR/TSRS Race Director, at terlinbarden@yahoo.com. If you have any questions about the schedule, please refer them to me at debbie@thunderhillraceway.com.





To download and print a copy of the schedule, click on the following link: THRMay82010Schedule.pdf

To downlaod and print a copy of the updated points' structure for the THR local classes, click on the following link: THR2010Points.pdf

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