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Will Hendrick end the Jimmie/Jeffy feud?


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First line is the biggest problem with this whole thing!

"It’s the topic on everyone’s mind this week: Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon’s rivalry."


AH NO! I could give a rip roar rats rear end... Stick the two of them together with Edwards in a room together and let them cry over spilled milk!


Larry "Mac" and DW are two of the biggest wastes of air time out there...


What a joke.......

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I see it as just a type of sibling rivalry. Never met Gordon (and with his prima donna attitude I really ain't inclined to) but I did meet Johnson's dad many years back when I helped with some cage cutting and welding to fit a gear vendors box in one of the SCORE trucks nelson and nelson built for Jimmie (Gear Vendors, Chenowth Fibre-Tech and Nelson's shop - shared with Bruton Racing Engines - were all in the same industrial complex as McBurnie Coachcraft where I worked at the time). Jimmie was just a youngster still in high school (and Granite Hills is a rivalry of my high school - Grossmont) so I paid little mind to him - but even then his rep for listening and learning from others was well known in the desert racing and moto-cross groups and the shops that supported them in San Diego county.

They'll work it out - and it is really no one's thing but their own to do so. It seems as if Gordon has it in his mind that since his intro was Johnson's springboard that Johnson should give him right of way. It's called racing for a reason. Without that reason it's just very expensive cruizin.

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