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Legends cars

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Probably get better response in the main forums. Seems pretty slow when questions are asked. I dont think many people look down through all the tracks. Only 39 views.


The class has been a little slow for the last couple years but the ownership of the local dealer has changed and if I am not mistaken they have added several dates to the schedule. The class has had some really good and close racing over the years. Looking forward to seeing it grow.

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HMP now owns the dealership for the Legends ande Bandoleros and intentions are to aggressively build both programs. In 2010, the Legends start the 9 race season out on May 28th & 29th with no only double points race but also a National Qualifier and $1000 to win on May 29th, proudly sponsored by Waste Management. In addition, the Legends have a $3000 points fund sponsored by ZMAX and Waste Management.


Here are two links to some additional information regarding the Waste Management Legends Summer Shootou Series at HMP:


Update: Legends at HMP


Waste Management Goes Green at HMP


Please feel free to contact me to discuss.



John Mandabach


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